Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIWW Halloween Edition

Recently, I feel like I've either been in my work out clothes or Halloween costumes and since I've only taken pictures in costume this week, here they are! Above: Bryant and I went to a fun Halloween Party last Friday night. We were in a hurry to get ready, so we quickly put together some cowboy outfits (Thankfully, I saved these gems from our Wild Wild West party we hosted a few years ago, as seen in photo below. Party Blogged about HERE)!
Above, you can get a nice close up of the jewels on the jean vest. Why I don't wear that vest more, I don't know, but I need to start!! p.s. I die over baby Goldie (my bff's baby who I love holding any chance I get)! 

The next day was another Halloween party at church, this time we were all pirates! Once again, Bryant and I had to hurry and put something together, but we worked with what we had. Thankfully, I had a couple pirate hair wraps left (I had sold a bunch that morning at Queen Bee in OC), so I grabbed one and put it in my hair!

I love Halloween and I love dressing up, so this week has been a fun one!
Happy Halloween Friends!

Have an awesome and safe day!


  1. aw, you guys look so cute! :D Love your costumes. I love seeing how creative people get when they have to just throw something together.

  2. You guys look adorbs! I LOVE the jeweled vest