Friday, October 19, 2012

How WIWW helped me

For years I was behind the camera and rarely had a picture taken with just me in it. It was always with the kids or my husband and I became used to standing behind the wheelchair and smiling and kind of hiding as I knew I had put on a few extra pounds. However, when I decided to start doing "What I wore Wednesday" posts and linking up, that is when I really started to notice.... the extra pounds that have become so extra that my clothes are not fitting properly and I was noticing the issue more and more each Wednesday. 

So there were two things I could do. 
one... buy new, bigger, clothes
or two: make some changes.

I knew my answer. I knew that the choice would not only help me, but help my family too. 

So, I decided to go for it. I knew I was going to need help and motivation so this is what has happened in the last two weeks:

I joined a biggest looser individual weight loss challenge through my city. We weigh in every Wednesday and if we gain we have to pay and if we stay the same we have to pay and then after five weeks the top five winners get a prize!  It's fun and it makes me accountable. 

I joined a ZUMBA class. You can find me dancing, bouncing (ohhhh, the bouncing) and tripping over my feet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! It is so much fun to dance the pounds away and the hour goes so fast! 

I hired a personal trainer 
(if you are local and looking for some extra help, this gal is awesome and very well priced and comes to your house and has her degree in exercise science)!

I started using "My Fitness Pal" to keep a record of what I eat and how much I exercise.

I made some life style changes. IE: less fast food, more fruits, veggies and whole grain.

I'm Reading "The Skinny Rules"  by Bob Harper. It's fantastic!

I joined a group of local friends who are on the same journey and we cheer one another on via facebook group page.


It's all working!
I'm down six pounds
 (with 16 more to go)

 I'm healthier and my family is healthier too!
We're all eating cleaner and it feels great! 

So thank you WIWW for helping jump start me into gear. 


  1. Awwww this is SO awesome! I am SO happy for you, even though I think you are GORGEOUS the way you are I know you must feel so much better by just being healthier! I've always wanted to try Zumba!

  2. Way to go proud of you! :)

  3. G-na! So so proud & happy for you! Don't you love Bob's Skinny Rules? And My Fitness Pal? Me, too!!! I just started doing a Fit Body Bootcamp that has my body in PAIN! Zumba is so much fun, too! Way to go sister!!!

  4. Good for you! Don't you feel better when you exercise? I know I do!

  5. Congratulations on your weight loss!
    Dropping by from the Live Laugh Rowe blog hop. :)