About Me

Hi, I'm Sarah. I have lived in Southern California my entire life (except for the four College years I spent freezing in Idaho and Utah). I am a Wife to the love of my life (love story here)and a mom to our three littles who melt my heart every day! I love crafting and blogging and have more time to do both because all three littles are in school now! What they say is true, it really does go SO fast!

Here is a little background on how Penelope Lane started....

In 2003 we welcomed our sweet daughter Katie into our family. Katie was born with Spina Bifida (to read her story click here) and I noticed early on when I took her to all of her doctors, hospital and therapy appointments wearing a bow she received extra attention. I also noticed that other children her age would often comment about the bow in her hair first and then ask about her walker or wheelchair second.
 To me, the bows seemed to be a buffer. People would say "I love her bow..." and then ask about her situation. We always welcomed the opportunity to share Katie's story and the bows seemed to open the door to that, as crazy as it sounds, it's true!

 Less than two years after Katie was born we welcomed another sweet daughter into our family, Ella.

With two little girls, our bow collection only grew and grew... 
.... and so did our girls!
 (above Katie (10) and Ella (8) now)!

People would often ask if I had made the girls bows and I would say that I wish I had, but I always just bought them at boutiques or on etsy. 
Sweet sisters Katie and Ella 
Then one rainy day in 2009, the girls and I sat down to do some crafts and and I made a bow, and then another and another! I had so much fun making them that soon after I started up "Little Penelope Lane!" 
My goal is to make hair accessories that both moms and daughters can enjoy together!

And one more thing... I can't do an "about me" page without mentioning my boyfriend/husband/love of my life, Bryant. He was my secret crush in college and now that secret is no longer, everyone knows I die over him! We were married in 2001 and he is my rock and my support. 
So grateful for him!  Love Story here
Speaking of boyfriends... I have another one and his name is Carter. 
He is five and melts my heart every single day! 

The second part of Little Penelope Lane:
 After starting Little Penelope Lane, I became more involved in the boutique/handmade market world. I enjoyed being a vendor at boutiques, however, many were far away. So, I started hosting my own. The first four shows were at my parents home, but we out grew their home and moved our show to a hotel, and then eventually we ended up at the Old Ranch Country club in Seal Beach. They have a beautiful venue with four attached ballrooms, allowing us room for over sixty vendors! We host our handmade boutique four times a year, with the next one being our tenth!
 More pictures and info. about the Penelope Lane Boutique can be found HERE

Our Amazing Penelope Lane Boutique helpers at the checkout! 

For more info you can contact me at littlepenelopelane@hotmail.com 

Thank you for taking a stroll down Little Penelope Lane!