Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Daddy/Daughter Sock Hop!
On Friday night these two went to the Sock hop at church for the Activity Day girls (ages 8-12, so Daddy will have two girls next year). I knew that swing dancing was involved and as always I worried that maybe Katie would feel left out... and as always those worries were in vein. They danced the night away! Rumor has it that Daddy was even jumping over the wheelchair and spinning Katie all around! They came home with huge smiles so excited to tell us all about the night! They had a total blast!!  Oh man, I fall more and more in love with that guy of mine every day! Not only does he dress up and slick his hair, but he is not afraid to let loose and dance silly to get smiles and laughter from his girl. He melts me. 

Hello In-n-Out Lunch 

HELLO being in not one but TWO newspapers last week and on the FRONT page of one of them!
We asked the newspaper to share about the boutique and the next thing we know, they end up doing a huge article about Katie, the Ms. Wheelchair foundation, Penelope Lane and the boutique! So awesome!! What made it even more special was that it was featured on Katie's Birthday! What a treat!! 
Hello Soccer Camp
teaching soccer almost eight months pregnant! 
She is such a super star!

Hello awesome day at Adaptive Sports Camp

Hello Swimming Lessons

Hello fun Activity Day Girls Summer activity!
All the girls got together on Saturday and did crafts and had a pool party.
Katie had a blast!

Hello Fresh Summer Drinks! 
It was my dad's birthday and he loves flavored water and fresh lemonade, so I decided to make a mixture of fun drinks for the family birthday dinner. Inspired by this cute blog, I used a variety of these ingredients. The favorite though was the watermelon one. I filled the mason jar half full of watermelon squares, mint, and sliced limes then filled the jar with cherry limeade. yum. 


Happy Monday and Happy Summer!!
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p.s. we have a few spots still left for the Summer boutique. 
More info and application here

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  1. Yum! I totally want to make those drinks...watermelon check, mint check, limeade--gotta run to the store! :) So glad that summer is here!