Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Favorite Things Summer Edition

Farmers Market 
I love our local market on the Marina. Full of Fresh Produce and....

Tigers Blood flavor please. 

 You just can't go wrong with Old Navy Flip Flops!  I live in them pretty much year round... but especially in the summer! And you can't beat the price! I swear I think you can get them for .99 cents if you hit the sale just right!
Ohhhh, how I LOVE small crunchy ice coupled with a nice cold diet coke.

Trader Joes Shaving creme is always on my list of Summer Favorites.

Afternoon Popsicle in the backyard

Trampoline sprinkler fun

I can't sing these carb balance tortillas enough praises! We use them for EVERYTHING. I wrap eggs in them for breakfast, make turkey wraps with them for lunch and then chicken burritos for dinner (typically not all in the same day, but it might have happened once or twice). They are so soft and fresh! A huge family favorite over here!



 I love everything associated with the FOURTH OF JULY! It's one of my all time favorite holidays! The Fourth just can't be beat!! I get giddy just thinking of it!

And my Ultimate Favorite Summer thing is spending the day at the Beach with these three! I LOVE lazy days at the beach playing in the sand and the surf. I loved it as a kid and I love it as a mom!

p.s. What are your Summer Favorites this year?

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  1. Oh I love small crunchy ice! Funny I was just working on my own favorite things list on my blog. Nice to have met you at the YMCA this week! :)