Friday, June 22, 2012

Insta Friday Capturing the first week of Summer

It's been an exciting first week of Summer and I captured most of the fun on my camera phone! Right after we picked up the girls from their last day of school, we headed up the mountains to this amazing log cabin that my mother in law rented for the weekend. 
We spent a few days enjoying the mountains and spending time with family. 
I blogged more about it here.
Katie's favorite part was leaving the wheelchair behind and flying high in the sky on the huge swing! I probably yelled "hold on tight" 700 times last weekend! talk about mommy heart attacks! 
Carter loved fishing in the river

Speaking of River, one morning we went on an awesome River hike
I love that my body is able to do this now. Before my hysterectomy, I would have never been able to go on a hike! It is so awesome to get to enjoy life even more now!

Ella Bella was in heaven and loved being in the mountains!

On the way up the mountains we stopped at Colours Wheelchairs where we met the CEO, Rick and he gave us a tour. Katie got her wheelchair tuned up and got to try out some fun new chairs, like the little one she is in. We loved it! 

Ella is the family EMT. She LOVED taking the "safe kids" class from the local Red Cross. After she got home, she put together a first aid kit and has been anxious to put it to use. So, when Carter hurt his toe and it began to bleed, it was Ella to the rescue!! She kept saying "It's o.k. little buddy!" too cute. Carter was cleaned up and ready to play again in no time at all thanks to his big sister!

ahh, Summer dinners. Our favorite. This was so easy and it makes so much that we invited our friends to join us for a burrito making party. I love crock pot cooking and this is one of my favorites because it is so easy. I put chicken, Salsa (I get the fresh, chunky kind) and a little cream cheese (it makes the sauce and chicken a little creamier) and cook it in the crock pot on low, shred it up and bam, dinner is done!

my fortune from our Thai lunch. 

Celebrating Katie's Birthday at Goofy's Kitchen!

Carter is starting to get into Star Wars and he asked me to play with him... only to realize I had no clue what the characters names were. Thanks to instagram, I got my answers. Too many number and letter combos though. r2d2 c300 or something. shoot, now I forget. 

I LOVE living next to a University. I hope to always live close to one as they have so much to offer. Katie goes to a Summer Adaptive Sports camp and loves it! One day I took Carter 30 minutes before we had to pick Katie up and let him run around the campus to get his energy out. It was so much fun! 

Katie after a morning at camp. They swim every day and she is getting more and more comfortable with swimming which is super awesome! 

This week I did a Fourth of July and Summer {3 for $20} hair wrap SALE. I still have a few left here

This weekend is a daddy/daughter date at church and then I am helping with a church activity on Saturday, so we did a Thursday date night. Sushi and a movie. I loved holding hands and talking and not being interrupted. We love date night!

So happy it's Summer time!
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