Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What We Wore

On Saturday (see post below) I did not have too much time to put much thought into my own outfit as I more concerned with getting Katie ready and to the event on time. However, I knew I wanted to be comfortable and wear a dress that I could get up and down in (to be able to help Katie) with the most ease. Well, remember last weeks WIWW? k-mart did the job once again! I picked this comfy maxi dress up there during the same shopping trip! 
What Katie wore:
We knew we did not want to get all "toddlers and tiaras" as this was not that kind of pageant. The platform was disability awareness and in Katie's case, how she can help other children with disabilities. 
So, we kept it pretty simple. 
Dress and sweater: children's place. Katie's great Grandma wanted to pay for the dress since she could not attend the event. so sweet. My mom bought her the bracelet and Bryant's mom bought her a pearl necklace. So special to wear so many sweet gifts from such amazing women.  
 To everyone else this is a little girl wearing little black mary janes with tights. But, this is what kept getting me emotional all day long. Every other day Katie wears braces (kafo's) that go up to her thigh. She also has to wear tennis shoes with them. Typically even on Sundays at church, she is wearing a dress and is in her braces and tennis shoes. Her feet and ankles are fully paralyzed so tennis shoes protect her feet the best. However, on this special day it was time to dress up and as Miss wheelchair she did not need to get out of her chair so we could put little Mary Jane's on her. They fit and stayed on perfectly (which is usually a big challenge). It just melted my heart even more! 
Mary Jane's: Children's place.

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  1. Just a hello! I am friends with Tracy and sometimes stop in to read your story too. What a wonderful experience and such beautiful children you have. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Adorable. :) Such a sweet girl and she looks beautiful. What a special day.

  3. Number one
    You looked beautiful! And I know your heart was so full....
    Number two....
    It took me until you said that about the braces for me to realize...THAT is what was missing. The braces and the tennis shoes....she had beautiful girly shoes on.

    MY heart is happy....I know what that means......

    Thank you for sharing.....

  4. Such a wonderful event. I love it and all of you looked beautiful!

  5. Love that dress! & how special is that, those shoes on your girl. Melts my heart. :)

  6. You both looked beautiful! Your daughter was radiant in her pretty dress and Mary Jane's!

  7. She is so precious! SO very precious! What kinds of things will you be discussing for "family voices?" I would love to know, considering I work with my brother - who is special needs as well :)