Thursday, March 8, 2012

Diet Coke Date

Hi, this week for our diet coke date, I'm drinking theraflu trying to fight a cold off because I have too much going on to have a cold. I hope you are feeling good and not getting sick like it seems everyone else is. By the way, do you want your picture taken by my three year old? We were sitting on the floor today and he snapped this one of me! I die over that boy of mine I tell ya! 
I hope your week has been good to you. I hope your love ones are healthy and happy. 
I hope your heart is full. 
Today for our little chat, I would invite you in and tell you ....
to ignore this in the middle of the room.... 
as I try and get everything all ready for the Spring Boutique on Saturday (I have learned to set up everything and take it down and put it right into the van so I know that I have everything). 
I would tell you that I am SO excited about the boutique and how much fun Saturday is going to be. Did I tell you that there is going to be over 40 awesome crafters there as well as a photo booth you can take your photo in! ohhh, I love souvenirs! 
I would also tell you that I am nervous. That I hope it goes well. That everything runs smoothly. That the vendors and shoppers are happy. 
I would also tell you about this awesome lady, my biggest helper in putting the boutique on. My mom. She has worked SO hard in helping put this together. A huge thank you to her! Her name is Nancy, you can say "Hi Nancy" when you see her, she'll say "hiiiii..." and pretend like she is suppose to know you. It's classic Nance. p.s. tell her you looove her outfit because she went clothes shopping yesterday and tried on clothes for two hours and is really excited about the outfit she is going to wear on Sat. She is so cute!
Heart Xoxo
I would also tell you that my heart is full. 
So full of love and thanks for all the support you have shown me in this blog, the boutique, and most importantly, my family. It means the world to me. 
Thank you. 

I would tell you that I love my sister. SO much. Do you have a sister? Are you close? We are ten years apart so she was eight (Katie's age) when I left for college. For a long time I felt more like a mother to her, but as she got older, we have become tight sisters and it is the best. 
I would tell you how fun she is and how she has a magical gift that everyone who knows her loves her. I would tell you that she took a bad fall last night rock climbing and how grateful I am that she is o.k. She is so sore and in pain, but did not break anything. I would tell you how that scared me and got me thinking about if something ever happened to her it would just do me in. She is such a blessing in my life and I am so grateful she is o.k. 
yay for sisters!

Then I would tell you about my nervous stomach. 
That every time I think about it my feet go numb because I am SO scared. 
I would tell you that I even went to the doctor on Monday to get a prescription for Xanax. 
Because next Tuesday I have to fly on a plane to Sacramento. 

I have been on over FIFTY flights before!  
Hong Kong, Hawaii, New York, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, etc.... 
With NO problem at all. I used to LOVE to fly. 
Then I had three kids. 
and for some reason I freeze at the thought of flying. 
But I need to do this. I feel so strongly about it and that is why I am facing my fear. 
I am attending the "family voices" seminar at the State Capitol and speaking to legislators about things that need to change regarding children with special needs. I feel honored to be a part of this movement and am humbled by the opportunity. 

I know that if I trust in Him, I will be fine. I once again have to give Him my worry and my heavy heart and like always I know He will in turn give me peace. I am grateful for that knowledge. 

Thank you for chatting with me. I had so much on my heart, I am sorry I talked your ear off. 
I truly hope you are doing well and feeling peace in your life. 
So much love and many thanks. 

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  1. wishing you all the best this weekend Sarah! :) :) PS. My mom's name is Nancy fun is that!?

  2. Sarah,
    I can completely relate to where you are coming from with your fears since having children. It's like once you have kids, your whole perspective on life changes. You think about every little decision that you make and how it can affect their lives. God is faithful and wants us to cast our every care upon Him. My daughter Kendall has Down Syndrome so I would love to hear more about your life story and also how your meeting with The legislators goes. I will keep you in my prayers!
    Love, Ami

  3. all of this is so exciting {except the being sick part, of course!}. i am going to san diego tomorrow and am so tempted to drive up to the boutique. it looks awesome!

  4. Hope you feel better for tomorrow!! I can imagine how excited you have to be :) Your mom and sis are beautiful. I only have one brother and he is 11 years older that me, unfortunately we are not that close lake you and your sister but I'm lucky that I am with my SIL! She knows me since I was a little girl and she started dating my brother. While he was away to college (in Texas) she was back in Italy where we all lived!

  5. I hope you feel better tomorrow!! I am so coming to check it all out!!!! I'm excited....bringing some of my peeps too!!!!! YAY!



    <3 <3 <3 LOVE

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  7. I received the headband from the giveaway today- thank you again so much! It is CUTE! I hope your event goes super.
    I have 3 sisters and feel so blessed to have them. They truly are my best friends. :)
    It's so true, that God will give us peace when we cast all our concerns, worries, burdens, cares on Him. What an amazing God!

  8. I'm so excited for your boutique tomorrow, I know it's going to be amazing!! I'm really hoping I can pop by for a little while and say Hi. Hoping you are able to get some rest and are feeling better. This cold going around is really a doozy! Seems to never go away. How awesome that you are headed to Washington D.C to speak about such an amazing topic. What a blessing that God is using you to further his kingdom and to help our little ones. Heart you friend!