Monday, March 5, 2012

Jr. Miss Wheelchair of California

On Saturday Katie was crowned Jr. Miss Wheelchair of California! 
What a day for these proud parents! We could hardly look at one another or we'd loose it! 
above: Katie and I arriving early to get her hair done. Daddy seeing Katie for the first time with her hair in curls! 
Everyone was so sweet and went out of their way to make Katie feel so special! It was so amazing! Above: Katie getting her hair done and talking to the MC of the event. 
The reason we felt comfortable being a part of this event is because the platform is so amazing. It is not a beauty pageant, rather an opportunity to help raise awareness. We loved meeting all the ladies who ran for the title of Ms. Wheelchair. They all had amazing stories and each of them work hard to raise awareness and make a change for the next generation of wheelchair users.
With one of the Ms. Wheelchair CA. contestants. I wish I got pictures with all of them. But, this is Ashley, and she is so amazing! I loved that Katie got to chat with such remarkable ladies! 
Before the program started family and friends arrived. Katie was so excited that her teacher and friends showed up to support her! 
Getting crowned Jr. Miss Wheelchair of California 2012
Giving her acceptance speech (the video is posted below)
With all the contestants, escorts, and jr. miss wheelchair 2011. 
Katie with Jennifer, the amazing program director! She is in the Aladdin show at Disneyland and we would always see her. It is such a joy to finally meet and now know her. She is amazing!!
After Katie came off the stage, she turned the corner to cheers and a roar of applause! Such a surprise and such a treat!
Honestly, it was almost too much for this mommy to handle. It was one of those days where you remember those feelings in the beginning. The unknown, the worry. How will people treat her? Will she be happy? Then there is a day like this and it confirms that it's going to be o.k. There is so much love and support and opportunities. It was pretty overwhelming for me.
On the way out of the theater this man stopped Katie and was so cute! He kept saying "a princess, a real princess, I have never met a princess before!" Katie ate it up! 
Some days the pain is bad. Some days are hard. Some days the "extra's" can feel really heavy. But some days the days are amazing. Some days they are filled with reminders that miracles are real. Some days I wish I could go back to that doctor, when I was pregnant, said "God did not deal you a good hand" and say "Look! You were so, so wrong! He not only dealt us a GREAT hand, but He gave us a beautiful life full of experiences that not everyone gets to have. He did more than deal us a good hand!
 He dealt us a GREAT life. 
A life full of miracles and incredible moments like this!" 

The acceptance speech that she practiced so hard on.
So proud of our Katie girl. She inspires me everyday.

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  1. greatest post ever! she is previous and i LOVE her speech! y'all are too wonderful :)

  2. What an ANGEL!!! She brought tears to my eyes. CONGRATULATIONS MISS KATIE!! You are an inspiration to us all, Princess. :)

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    Thanks for sharing!
    Much Love,


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    Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles

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