Monday, February 13, 2012

I love love

I LOVE being in love. 
I love that I have had a huge crush on this guy for the past fourteen years! 
I love how I could not WAIT to marry him and how young and in love we were.
I love how we had no idea what we were getting into, but it did not matter because we were in LOVE!
I love that we built our relationship on friendship first.
I love that we value marriage and the promise that we made to one another. 
I love how serious we both take that promise. 

 I LOVE this man and I am forever and ever thankful for him.
Ten years ago when I married him, I was pretty sure that he would make a good husband and I was right.

I thought he would make a good father too.... 

 and I was right.
(disclaimer: you might want to grab some crackers to go with this cheese) 

He brings so much joy and happiness into my life every day. I love living a life with him. I love raising children together with him. I am so grateful for his endless love and sacrifice for our family. I love our weekly dates, I love our team work. I love that we communicate well. I love that we have peace and joy in our home.  I love his love for the Savior and his dedication to teaching our children about Him.
I love taking the kids on one on one dates with him.
 I love going on new adventures together.
I love that we both love the beach and spend so much time with our kids there.
I love that he gets in a wheelchair every Saturday and is such a support to Katie and all the other kids at wheelchair sports. (above putting on a wheelchair demonstration at the girls school during disability awareness month) 
I love that he is a fun and silly dad
I love that he loves helping the kids try new things

I love that we can do hard things together. 

I love that he supports my dreams
(above folding hundreds of hair wraps before a boutique)
I am so thankful for Bryant and for the beautiful life he has helped to give me and our children.  
I love that he is my forever Valentine.

I love love.

Do you love love too? 


  1. this is so, so sweet. I love love as well!!!

  2. So sweet, I love the picture of him helping fold hair wraps. I love when Rob helps me with whatever I am currently crafting. I have coined the phrase, "the couple that crafts together, stays together!" So far it seems to be working : )

  3. The sweetest and most beautiful post about LOVE ever!!! You really look like a beautiful couple and most important a beautiful family :)

  4. Yes I do!! And my Valentines Day post is so similar. I even mentioned that I also, LOVE LOVE : )
    Happy Valentines day!! Enjoy your gorgeous family.

  5. Awww, this is sooo sweet!!! I LOVE love too!!!