Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Monday and Hello May

 Here is a little Hello Monday and 
Hello May re cap
Hello to Ella getting baptized  
(this was actually the end of April.. still getting caught up)
Hello to a beautiful event surrounded by family and dear friends.
 Hello to the after party and Hello to one of my favorite pictures ever. 
I love all the fun and funny things going on.
 Hello to morning walks on the bay when the girls are at school and he does not have pre school. 
 Hello to beautiful beach weather.
 hello Seal Beach. 
 Hello walks with our favorite Goldie Girl. 
(these were all taken before Katie's surgery mid May)
 Hello a quiet evening doing Art. 
Hello to the end of an awesome Spring Soccer season

 Hello to Cinco De Mayo party at my folks 
Hello Skateboarders 

 Hello sixty hair wraps packaged up for Elevate Swag Bags 

Hello Save the Dates for the Fall and Holiday Penelope Lane Boutiques!

 Hello funnest day date ever.
Hello Newport Beach temple in the morning... 
And Hello Disneyland in the afternoon!!!
Hello Favorite Cars Ride
(we did the single riders line, which went so fast and ended up in the same car. score)! 
Hello Roller coaster riding.
It's been too long.
Hello getting a ticket for "Smiling too big"!!
Hello to dying of cuteness over this darling police officer! He was my favorite! 

Hello girls night out to Panara Bread, our favorite! 

Hello to Father/son beach camp out 
Hello to Carter being in HEAVEN! 

Hello to recovering from hip surgery. (see last post for more details)
Hello to so many sweet visitors and treats...

 Hello to afternoon snuggles with this guy.

Hello team work.
This has been the hardest surgery to dateand we've had to do some major team work during Katie's recovery. I'm so glad we can laugh and cry together through this journey. He is my rock when days and nights get hard. When it feels too overwhelming, I am reminded he is by my side and together and with the Lord, we can do hard things. 

Hello showering this cute couple at the family couples shower!
Hello to the wedding coming up NEXT month!!! 

 Hello to my baby sister getting married!!! 

 Hello to Uncle Hank toasting the cute couple 
 Hello to lots of laughs and the longest gift opening session ever!!!
 Hello to the most fabulous gift wrapping to date! 
 Hello three generations
(my sunglasses were on because I just walked in from the outside patio that is connected to this room, see below)
 Hello happiest couple. 
Read their cute story here
 Hello forever boyfriend.
So love this guy!

 Hello to the sweetest friends who offered to come sit with Katie while we went to church!
Hello to so many laughs from this girl because these boys are so fun and funny! 
Hello happy heart to see her smiling that big again after a hard week! 
Hello to this happy girl who saved her money to go doll clothes shopping at a local vendors home who sells the most adorable doll clothes. Ella was in HEAVEN! 
 Hello attempting our first outing out and doing so well! 
 Hello to fun adventures on Memorial Day! 
While Grandma and Grandpa watched Katie, we took the littles to the movies, lunch and beach. 
 Hello beautiful day by the Jetty, getting us so excited for the Summer time!!! 
Hello to our sweetest friend Megan for making this Lemonade Stand for Katie and bringing over everything to have a lemonade and cookie sale outside. Hello to brightening Katie's spirits BIG time and for making her day SO special! 
Hello to the sweetest friends ever!!! 
Hello to putting it on FB that we were having a Lemonade and cookie sale and ten minutes later our front yard was full of friends!! Seriously, so thankful!!! 

Hello to four generations! 
Hello to Ella and I going on a spontaneous lunch date with Grandma and Great Grandma!
Hello to Three weeks of recovery down with three more to go!
Hello to that Happy Smile that brings us so much Joy.
Hello Jacaranda trees that are so pretty and so sticky! 

Hello Monday and Hello May and Hello to the longest post ever! 


  1. Hello......Love all of these pictures!!!!! Love that its halfway that I can call you friend. And PS love your hair up.....super cute!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. That looks fantastic! Much better than before, your hard work paid off! I love how subtle the colors are. It looks great! And all picture are so amazing.