Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello to a wonderful Mother's Day last weekend! 

Hello to extra loves for this brave girl who had to face yet another surgery. This one for her hip. 

The official surgery was called: right hip varus rotation ostestomy, acetabuloplasty, external oblique transfer, abductor posterior transfer. 

did you get that? 

let's just say, it was a doozy ...  

Hello to trying to smile through the pain. 
Hello to her pale face because she lost so much blood during surgery. 

Hello Angels Baseball player Hank Conger
Hello to the day after surgery, getting in the wheelchair and having a fun visitor come by who brought with him a signed hat and got our girl to smile! 

Hello CHOC
oh how we love you!
CHOC has been amazing!
From the most loving and kind staff, to the hospital geared around children and making their stay there as pleasant as possible. We are SO thankful for Choc Children's Hospital

Hello to being home!
Hello to a hospital bed in our family room.
Hello to a huge reclining wheelchair.
Hello to a bedside commode.
Hello to shower chairs.
Hello to a six week recovery. 
Hello to a sweet sister, Ella, who chooses to sleep on the couch next to Katie at night. Who helps take care of her sister in the sweetest, most loving way.
Hello to feeling SO thankful for their sweet sisterhood.  

Hello to still being on Cloud nine from the fun had at Elevate.
Hello to finally blogging about it here

Hello to an afternoon break in Seal Beach with Ella.
Hello to the sweetest husband who sent us on our way to enjoy the beautiful day and get a little break!
Hello to getting our nails done, having lunch, taking walks, visiting friends and ending our fun day with some cold stone overlooking the water.
Hello to how wonderful and much needed that was! 

Hello to a great husband and partner through this journey. We have had to do some major team work as moving Katie is a two man job. We have cried and laughed a lot together this last week. Thankfully we can still find the humor in things, even when it's tough. 
Hello to Headbands, the game.
Hello to Katie laughing again as it hurt to laugh the first few days! 

Hello to sweet, sweet friends who seem to just know when to come by right when we need them most! 

This week has been full of answered prayers and miracles. 
What a journey this is, but man, it sure is a special one to be on. 

Hello to one week of recovery down, five more to go.

Hello Monday! 


  1. Love your Monday posts. Hello to little Penelope Lane...AKA BFF!

  2. Sarah,
    You guys are so awesome I wish I could Help.HeidiBuster

  3. Your mother's day pictures are beautiful! I wanted to take a picture with my kids and well I did but they didn't all cooperate very well.

    Hope Katie is doing okay now.

  4. love this post. I adore that you are sharing your story with everyone. I am so encouraged by your family!!