Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rockin Boys Club Launch

Last week this little guy and I were invited to attend the Rockin' Boys Club launch. It was held at Sky High Sports in Orange County. When we got the invitation, I told Carter about it and he could hardly wait! A date night with Mom, just the two of us, at Sky High! He had a count down until the event and we were both so excited to attend. When we arrived, there was a fun red carpet, backdrop and fun photo props that we took advantage of. 
Right away, I saw some of my favorite blogging KylaJaimeElizabeth and crafty friends. I have not seen these girls for a while, so it was great to catch up with them while all our boys bounced the night away! 
Carter bounced and bounced and flipped and bounced for hours! A few times I went out there and bounced with him, but did not last too long (that was a lot of bounce for this mom)! He made some new friends and bounced with them through out the night. 

SO FUN to meet Jill, the founder of Sandy Toes and Popsicles (a blog I have read for years getting fun ideas to do with my kids around Southern California) and now she has launched the Rockin' Boys Club too! What a super woman!! We have so many mutual friends and have known one another in the blog world for years, that it was crazy we had never met in real life. Finally, the day came and it was awesome! She is so great! Thanks Jill for being awesome!!!
Our outfits (since I am also linking up for WIWW)
Carter: Tommy Hilfiger button up from Macy's
Shirt from Target, Shorts and shoes from Old Navy.
Me: Top from Red (local boutique)
Jeans: Khols
Shoes and bracelet: Target

I also got to meet Julie (THE Angry Julie Monday)
 She is awesome! It was great to sit and chat with her (she was able to step away from CSI for a bit to swing by). A Mom, Crime Scene Investigator, blogger, runner, this gal does it all! 
 Superhero Repair Kit!! Too Cute! 
(printable and instructions can be found HERE)
What a fun night spent with my little guy who sound asleep by the time we got home. 
We had a blast at this fun event! Thanks to the Rockin' Boys Club gals for hosting such a fun, fun night! 

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  1. What a sweet post...thank you for coming! It was so much fun to meet you in real life and we will have to meet up again. Thank you for all your support! You are the best!!!