Monday, May 6, 2013

Help Give JOY this Mother's Day

The gift of a wheelchair not only changes the life of the individual, but often changes the life of that person's family and especially their Mother. Please consider giving this beautiful gift, even the priceless gift of mobility, in honor of Warrior Mothers around the world. 

Free Wheelchair Mission
Only A mother would cradle her 7 year-old daughter like a 7 month-old,
would quit her job to nurture her child 24/7, would carry her child everywhere
on her back because her child couldn't walk. Only a mother loves like this.
Thank you for loving more than 682,000 mothers and their children.


Being a mother is a challenge—being a mother in the developing world
while working through disability is an even bigger one.

As we gather around the mothers in our lives we want to extend our love and
appreciation for them and their hard work, to others around the world.
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Help give joy this Mother's Day.