Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happier Bride

Recently I came in contact with the author of Happier Bride, A Guide to Happiness and Planning your Wedding, Minna Sithep. 
She is one talented gal and so when she offered to send me a copy of her book to review, I was thrilled! It came at the most perfect timing because just a week earlier my sister got engaged and asked me to be her Maid of Honor! 

The timing could not have been better! For the past month, my sister, Sandy has been reading this book and taking notes. Minna has wonderful ideas in her book and it truly makes planning a wedding a stress free and enjoyable experience! 

Here are just some of our favorite things about the book:

The beginning of every chapter starts with a happier principle.
Minna stresses the importance of taking care of the bride mentally and physically. This is important because it is the first step in becoming a happy bride! 

The book gives a realistic timeline of planning each step of the wedding.
Minna helps to break down each task step by step and gives you an idea of when the task should be started. This helps to  not feel so overwhelmed with so many tasks all at once.  Wedding planning can become very overwhelming very quickly, but this book helps to take that overwhelming feeling away!

The book gives a variety of options.
Minna stresses originality but also explains the traditional side of weddings as well. For example, in the section about the wedding cake, Minna explains, "A traditional wedding cake is white, three tiered cake and inspired by the look of a wedding gown". She then continues with other options that might fit your personal style better. For example, "You could also replace the cake all together. Substitute in your favorite dessert instead. Have pretty decorated cupcakes and display in a tower as an 'ode' to the traditional tiered cake." This is just one of many wonderful examples Minna shares. 

Happier Bride gives detailed help, instruction and guidance. 
My sister found every answer she needed in this book. She has kept it with her and uses it as a resource with each step of her wedding plans. One of my sister's favorite parts of the book that helped her the most was how Minna suggested to narrow down the guest list. For the past month, Sandy has been quoting this book and it has been awesome to see first hand how helpful it is! 

And here is the Happiest Bride to be! 

Thank you Minna for helping Sandy plan her wedding in a fun and easy way! 
Your book is wonderful and we can not sing it enough praises! 

Happier Bride book is available on Amazon HERE 
Check out the Happier Bride website HERE 

This is the perfect book for Brides to be, and a perfect gift to give to the Bride to be! 


  1. This books looks amazing and PERFECT for brides to be!
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  2. oooooo i gotta get my hands on this book! My September 1st wedding is around the corner!