Friday, February 1, 2013

Power of Moms Retreat

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to attend my first Power of Moms retreat. It was held in a gorgeous home in Pasadena. The day was packed full of learning, sharing, reflecting, building new friendships, laughter and fun! For years I have read wonderful articles on the Power of Moms and learned new ideas from the website, but to actually be at a retreat learning first hand from the women who started it all, was incredible!  
It was great to attend the day with my dear friend Sally. She is such a good friend and I loved spending the day with her. Now that she is a new mom, I was so excited for her (and a little jealous) that she learned all of these great ideas so early in her Mothering life!

April  has a gift. She has truly been inspired to create these programs to help mothers become more organized and happy. She did an amazing job presenting and teaching. I am a changed mother today because of her gift of sharing her ideas, systems and knowledge!
We started the morning learning about Mind Organization for Moms.
I wish I had learned this system on how to organize my entire life and the life of my family years ago! This program is amazing! April taught us an amazing approach to organizing all of our papers, all of the papers the children bring home from school (endless), mail, e-mail as well as how to organize our thoughts and ideas and then make them a reality!
 When I say Life Changing, I mean it! 
I could not believe how amazing this process is! 

The Power of Moms Mind Organization Program
As I started implementing these ideas into my life and family this week it truly did bring less stress and more joy! Thank you April!!! 

After the morning session we had a wonderful lunch provided by Panera Bread!

At lunch we had a chance to mingle and chat with new friends!
Emmy, Christy, and Merrick

Rachel is such a sweet friend! She moved here to California not too long ago and has gotten so involved in the blogging and boutique world. She jumped right in and is such a support to all of us! She is always giving the best shout outs, is great to share and attend events as well. It was fun to see her again at the Power of Moms retreat! 


After lunch, it was time for the "Taking Care of the Person inside the Mom" session. We discussed taking care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually, socially, physically, mentally, etc. Heather (seen above) taught the lesson about taking care of ourselves physically....
She had us get up and do squats! She was such a fun teacher! I wish she lived closer as I would love to attend one of her exercise classes!

April had asked me to share a few thoughts during the retreat. I spoke two times. First about Warrior Mothers and second about some fun ways to be social as a mom. 

April's oldest daughter Alia is such a gem and helps her mom out so much with Power of Moms. Here she is selling the new Power of Moms book called Deliberate Motherhood


I loved meeting some of the Power of Moms board members in real life.
  These two gals flew from Utah and were both awesome speakers and also taught us so much through out the day. They are both just a few years ahead of me in parenting and I loved getting ideas on Mothering pre-teen and teenage children. 

above: Board members from the Power of Moms. 
We learned so much from these ladies all day long! 
In the evening we learned about family culture and family economics. I wish we could have spent another full day learning and discussing these ideas. I learned great ideas on how to teach my children responsibility, allowance and how to manage money. 
During this session I kept saying to myself: "I wish Bryant was here so he could learn this too and then together we could teach this to our children!"
Well, I was so excited to hear that they will be teaching and discussing more about this topic at the upcoming couples retreat in Orange County! Bryant and I are attending and we look forward to learning these tools together! I came home from the retreat talking a mile a minute and he was really excited and on board to help me put these new ideas to use. P.S. There is only room for 30 couples, so if you are interested in going, reserve your spot soon! I can not express enough how thankful you will be that you attended! 

What a fabulous day the retreat was. It was wonderful to take a step back and reflect on my role as Mother. I loved having a chance to learn new ideas to make my role more enjoyable and easier. I am so thankful that April turned her vision of helping Mothers all over the world into a reality! 

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  1. That really looked amazing! I would love to attend something like that.

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