Thursday, February 14, 2013

Choose Joy Event

Last Saturday I attended the "Choose Joy" Event that the fabulous Emmy hosted! 
Last Summer she told me that she wanted to do this conference and I told her that I really wanted to go. When the tickets went on sale, I think I was the first one that bought a ticket because I was that excited! I knew anything that involved Emmy was sure to be a special day. This girl has a huge heart and a beautiful spirit. She had a vision for what the day would be and boy did she turn that vision into a reality! It is hard to come up with words for how special the day was! 

I went with my dear friend Tracy. It was such a treat for me to spend the day with her. She is such a gift in my life. It was extra special to run into more friends once we got there! So fun to sit and chat with Meagan and Kristin and not have a boutique going on at the same time. I loved visiting with them and connecting on a different level.
 One thing that was extra special about the event is that we all had a story, a story that connected us all. There was an instant bond in that room. 

Everything from the food to the decor to the swag bag was pure perfection! 
Emmy did such an amazing job! 

The day was full of amazing speakers who had incredible stories of hope and faith to share. We even had a fun craft and social hour where we made "Choose Joy" hoops! The day flew by and all of a sudden it was over!

The event "Choose Joy" focused on infertility and adoption. I have so many good days, but I still will have days that I mourn the loss of not being able to have more children. This year was especially hard because every one of my sister in laws on my husband's side had a baby. Four babies in just a few months. The last time that happened, I was in that mix. We all had our baby boys together. Although I rejoiced for the new babies, there was still an ache in my heart wishing I could have had a baby too. The "Choose Joy" event was full of stories like this and I felt lifted up hearing what these women would do when their heart would ache on that level. Each of them had the same answer. They turned to Him. They gave it all to Christ and He took the pain from them and opened a new door or a new chapter in their life. It was such a testimony builder to hear these women of faith share their stories.

On Saturday I left feeling like I was not alone. I left with more hope and more options for the future. I left with my cup running over and feeling so blessed for the three miracles that I do have.

I left feeling JOY.

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  1. So glad you were able to be there Sarah! You did a great job putting the day into words. It is hard to explain - but what a great day it was!