Friday, January 11, 2013

Insta Friday Disneyland Edition

We had one of those super magical Disney days this week. 
The kind where we said "Oh, we need to get a 'it's my first visit' pin for Baby Penny." 
 BAM!!! A worker walks up to me and said "I heard you were looking for one of these" and hands me a "It's my first visit" PIN! 
WHAT! How do they do that?
Disney Magic, I tell ya! 
My little family of five had a blast going with my brother, his sweet wife and their daughter Penny and my mom! It was such a fun and special day.... but we took a few people out with our two wheelchairs and strollers. This crew is a hot mess! 
(My brother had bone cancer when he was a teenager, resulting in a metal bone in his leg and his knee does not bend too well.... so on long walking days, he uses a wheelchair).

Love when Daddy gets to come to Disneyland with us! He is so much fun!

Speaking of fun! It's been forever since we've gone on a fast ride together. We had extra adults with us this time, so we were able to get a little Space Mountain fun in... 

These girls met Merida for the first time and they were thrilled! 
Carter, however, was not as thrilled!!
Hands down, favorite new ride!!! This new cars ride was out of control fun!!

AND THIS ride was so fun we had to ride it twice! 

It was such a fun and magical day! One for the memory books for sure!

Then on our way out I had an experience I hope to not forget. 
I met a sweet man named Mike and his Warrior Mother. 
I wrote about it over HERE (on my family blog).

P.S. only FOUR more days to apply for the Penelope Lane Spring Boutique. 
Details on the boutique blog HERE.
Penelope Lane Boutique


  1. SO SO FUN!! I need to go back, so badly!! I haven't been to cars land. Isn't the magic of disney the best?!

  2. you guys are so cute! your girls are such little "mini-me"s of you!!!!

  3. Disneyland is my favorite place on earth! Definitely the happiest too :) I read your about me section and you are radiant and your family is beautiful! What a great blog! I'm excited to follow along and read more!


    would love if you stopped by mine!