Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Sunset walk on the beach with the littles 
Daddy teaches early morning Seminary (Bible Study) to the local high school students before he goes to work each morning. Katie was watching a movie, but these two had the wiggles, so we went on a walk so daddy could plan his Seminary lesson and Katie could watch her movie. 
Hello collecting shells and sea glass 

Hello sweet sister always helping her brother 

Hello beautiful but oh so cold Long Beach 

Hello Gorgeous Crane 

Hello breathtaking sunset

Hello teriyaki turkey burger 

(made by combining turkey meat with bread crumbs, crushed onion straws, worchester sauce, and teriyaki sauce. mix it all together and form patties, then throw them on the grill along with some pineapple slices and then BAM, yummiest turkey burger ever)! 

Hello Crisscross Apple Crowns 
We made these before church on Sunday and they were such a yummy, warm treat!
recipe found here

Hello cute chef
I love the weekends when we can cook together and make up some yummy treats!

 Hello Snuggle Time 
Hello quietly reading in the cozy bed

Hello Friday night date night
We doubled with some friends and had dinner on 2nd street (where all our favorite restaurants are) and then ended the night at Target (so romantic). I love our weekend dates!

Hello sweet little Bunny Gracie.
I was so anti-pet for so long, but this bunny has been wonderful. We've had her for four months and the kids love her so much! 

Hello Discovery Science Center 
We just became annual members and spent Saturday morning there learning and playing!
Hello Bed of Nails that Bryant braved! 

Hello trying to help those in need.
It has been so cold here in Southern California so on Friday, my dear friend Sally and I partnered up with a local thrift store who gave us a great deal on coats, sweatshirts, blankets and sleeping bags! Then we took them to city hall where many homeless people live. We were able to pass it all out, but did not have enough for everyone, it broke our heart. We hope to gather more items and take over at least one thing for everyone. Let me know if you are local and would like to get involved in this, we for sure need more help next time! e-mail me if you are interested litlepenelopelane {at} hotmail {dot} com

Hello Spring Boutique coming up!
Save the date for the Spring Boutique on March 23rd!

Hello to a great new week!
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. What a fun Hello Monday! And that bunny...oh so sweet!
    Happy Monday:)
    Elyse @ Shabby Sweet Tea

  2. You have the sweetest family, Sarah. xo

  3. I'm new here, this is probably my 2nd time here. I think I found you on WIWW. I just wanted to say "hi". I don't think I even noticed your header the first time I was here but then I saw your little girl in the chair and well, obviously Chairs catch my attention because I am in one myself (spinal corn injury). ANyways, that's all really. Just Hello :).

  4. I misspelled my blog name so you find me on my previous comment, lol

  5. So fun!!! Love it all!!! OH, and by the way... girl you are getting hotter every picture you post!!! WHAT!?!?!?!