Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mini Blog Conference re-cap

A few months ago, while taking a tour of the new location for the Fall boutique, I saw an extra room at the country club and I wondered how else we could utilize the space... then the thought came to me... how about hosting a mini blog conference on the same day as the boutique.... and the next thing I knew I was planning a boutique and blog conference!! 

The thought sounded great at first, but once I got started with it, I felt a bit overwhelmed, thankfully, Summer from Made By Munchie's Mama  came to my rescue and helped me with so many of the details of the day! Thank you Summer! 

The next thing I needed were awesome speakers. I knew just the right girls to contact and I was so excited when they said yes! After that things just fell into place and this Saturday it all came to life. At 9:00 the doors opened to the boutique  and at 10:00 the conference started! Here is a little recap of the conference...
Our AMAZING blog conference speakers Alissa from Rags to Stitches Blog, Natalie from Take the Cannoli, Andrea from For the Love Of, and April from The Power of Moms! So thankful to these four wonderful women for taking the time to share their talent and wisdom with us on Saturday! Each of them did a fantastic job!


Alissa started the day off with a bang! This girl knows her stuff and she got us excited about where blogging can take us. She helped encourage us and pumped us up!

She shared with us The 5 KNOWS for Finding Your Voice + Keeping it When Working with Brands. It was awesome! Read more from her blog post here

Our awesome blog conference guests who were all so lovely!

Andrea  shared her story and background and what helped her to focus her direction and find her voice. She has a background in fashion but originally was writing about all sorts of other things, she finally realized she needed to stick with what she knew and what she felt comfortable writing about. She encouraged us to do the same. I have been following her for years and it has been neat to watch her blog grow and blossom into what it is today! She did an awesome job! p.s. she just had baby #3 five weeks ago and looks amazing!

 April, teaching us how we can make blogging a powerful experience. She shared her most popular blog post with us (that went viral with over a million hits) and how it happened by her just sharing her true feelings. She also encouraged us to put our family first and to prioritize our life. We were also thrilled to learn about her new book coming out in just a few days. We loved hearing how she has helped her website Power of Moms grow into what it is today!

Nat sharing her beautiful story with us and teaching us about the power that blogging has to change lives and to do good. She encouraged us to use our voice to help others. oh so powerful!
She shared her heart and we shared our tears with her. As our final speaker, she was the icing on the cake!

Some of the swag Bag goodies
A big thank you to our awesome sponsors who generously gave to our swag bags and raffle prizes! 
Once again thank you! 
Thank you to our amazing speakers and thank you to our blog conference guests. You all made the day so fun and so special! 

If you attended the conference or boutique and blogged about it, please comment below and include the link to your blog post! 

More pics from the boutique and blog conference here

p.s. Save the date... for the December 1st Holiday boutique!
We have room for 60 vendors this time! More info here

p.s.s. here is what I wore to the conference. I wanted to dress like it was fall.. but it was so hot so the layers slowly came off as the day went on. Top and boots from Sears (my sister makes fun of me every day for shopping there, but I can't help it, I have one right by my house and it is so easy to just run in and out of there for a quick outfit). Jeans from forever 21 scarf from Target. Linking up with Linds for WIWW here


  1. The conference was awesome, so glad I attended!


  2. There's me in the front row! YAY! Sarah, holy wow, what an amazing job you did. I am blown away by your awesomeness and amazing organizational skills. YOU ROCK!

  3. It was a wonderful day indeed! I had a great time and your time and effort into putting everything together is greatly appreciated. I learned so much that day and got to shop! Best of both worlds :)