Friday, October 5, 2012

Insta friday

After a busy last couple of weeks, it was fun to take an afternoon off and go play at Disneyland with the littles.  It was our first trip back since the black out dates from the Summer and boy did it feel great to be back in the Disneyland action! Sure love that place! 

 We have an awesome PE teacher at the girls school and she set up a golf clinic with the local golf pros. Here is Katie putting. I got to volunteer and this was my station. It was fun to cheer the kids on and get them excited about golfing.

The littles before church on Sunday. Last Sunday was the primary program and they each had speaking and singing parts in front of the entire congregation  I cried through the whole thing looking up there at these three smiling faces. My heart was about to burst with joy! My two favorite parts was when the girls sang (along with a few other sets of sisters) "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and when Carter and the other four year olds sang the wise man build his house upon a rock!' 

I always say I am going to take more pictures and camera phone pictures at the boutique and then I never do. But here are a few from last weekends Penelope Lane Fall Boutique

I changed up my design a little and put the hair wraps out on the table like to get a better look at them vs. the hair wrap holder I usually have. 

I love this shot with Made by Munchies mama giving a friend a hug. Boutiques bring people together, I tell ya! 

Speaking of bringing people together... these four killed it at the mini blog conference on Saturday! Such amazing speakers!

Swag bags ready for the guests to pick them up! 

A few new LPL products 

Fun new hair wrap designs and a fun new way to wear them! 

Love my new pillow covers from Kutz, Paper, Scissors! Can't wait to get more at the December 1st Holiday boutique

This week Katie got to design her next wheelchair at the Colours Wheelchair headquarters! She got to try out this slick chair and helped to design one similar to this... but just think hot, hot purple and maybe a few polka dots too! Katie is also going to be on their Jr. Colours wheelchair team and be a representative for Colours wheelchairs! Too exciting!! 

I can't believe we're just eight weeks away from our Holiday boutique. If you or someone you know would like to join us, we have more info here

It's been a busy last few weeks! I'm excited to slow down a little and take it easy... starting with this weekend. Can't wait to go on a date with this guy and enjoy General Conference with my little family....
while eating this! 

Happy Weekend friends!

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  1. What fun and beautiful photos!!! :) I LOVE your headbands, and your babies are precious!!! Stopping by from Insta-Friday. Have a blessed day!!