Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mini Blog Conference Registration is now open

We are so excited to announce the fabulous speakers for the September 29th  Mini blog Conference happening at the same time as the Fall Boutique! 

We will have a ballroom for the boutique and a conference room for the blog workshops. So you will have the opportunity to enjoy both on the same day! 

Here is a sneak peek at our fabulous speakers and the title of their workshops. For the full bios and more info please see the boutique page here

Andrea Howe

Discovering Your Blog Direction and 

Staying the Course

Alissa Circle

Rags to Stitches

Pollinate Media Group

Workshop Title:

Finding Your Voice When Working With 



April Perry

The Power of a Family

Power of Moms

Workshop Title:

How to Make Blogging a Powerful Experience 


 Natalie Ensor

Workshop Title:  

Beyond The Screen: 

Using Your Blog and Shop for so Much



How exciting to spend the day learning from these four amazing women who have so much to share! 

Registrations is now open!!!

Each Workshop is $10 or you can purchase an all day pass for $35

Class Schedules are posted on the registration page.

Eventbrite - Penelope Lane Mini Blog Conference 2012

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  1. Sarah, the boutique and blog conference sound amazing!! I wish I could be there...we will be out of town, but I am wishing you the best of luck. I know it will be a fantastic day for everyone involved!