Friday, May 18, 2012

Insta Friday

Spontaneous trip to Disneyland with the two littles.

For years I worried about how Katie would feel when Ella and Carter got to do so many activities that she could not participate in. Well, that worry was in vein because Katie is the one doing all these fun activities and now I am worried about the littles. One of the littles mentioned something about how "Katie is more special because of all she gets to do." So after a good talk about how they are each special in their own way, I surprised them with a Disneyland morning. Katie had other fun activities planed so she was o.k. with not going with us this time. So, it worked out great! phew!
On the way in, checking out the new Lego Store! 

I love running into relatives, especially at Disneyland!
So fun!
 My sweetest cousin Kellie and her darling Gwen.

We got this spinning so fast I almost feel over when we got off! 
SO dizzy!!!

In the afternoon we met up with more cousins! 
Amy and her darling girls!

Swimming/Pizza Party after a hot day at school!

I had a photo shoot in Seal Beach this week.
 I have walked this pier hundreds of times and it never gets old.

After a two hour  photo shoot (with a gorgeous mother and daughter) I stopped at corner bakery for a table for one. 
Just making dreams come true!
He woke up and said he had a dream that he was eating donuts for breakfast.
a few minutes later we were at the donut store because I can't resist that little face!

New Shower Curtain that I found on clearance and I'm dying over it.
 It is inspiring me to do a bathroom re-do. 

Honey Glazed Miso Salmon Salad from Trader Joes.

Temple night at the LA temple.
This temple is such a glorious sight.
Not to mention it brings back fond memories as this is where we were married ten years ago!
I love going to the temple with this guy. 
Its so nice to spend a quiet evening, leaving the cares of the world outside and enjoying the peace and comfort the temple brings. 

A mama duck and her littles!

homemade pizza topped with bbq chicken salad.
blogged about here
As I was coming back from taking the kids to school this guy was just leaving to go to work and we had to laugh because we were matching! You can't tell in the photo but we were both wearing yellow and blue!
Jog (/wheel) a thon!
Go Katie Go!!

It was a busy but good week!
Happy Weekend Friends!
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  1. you look lovely in every picture!! you are GORG. <3


  2. haha! gwen does NOT look thrilled to be taking that picture.

  3. Hi there!! Stopping by from LifeRearranged!
    Your shower curtain is adorable! I love it. Your homemade pizza looks delish too. I will have to check out your post :)
    Take care!!

  4. Awesome pics! I follow you on IG as well!! (cuppajo)

    New follower of your blog!!

  5. Hey there pretty lady.....I LOVE THE NEW LOOK!!! super cute! Love all the pics!