Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello fun Pictionary Game with this little! 
Hello "Happy Sun!" 
Hello Baby Penelope who we all love so much!! 
We can't get enough of her cuteness! 
Ella is such a sweet cousin and loves babies so much!  
Hello fun Sunday night dinner at mom and dad's house.
My parents serve in the Singles (ages 18-31) ward at church. My dad is in the Bishopric and my mom is an adviser. Since they got called to that position there are always now a ton of extra friends who join us for Sunday dinner (mom is so good to just open her home and cooking up to everyone)! 
Checking out the eclipse. We did not check it out properly and my left eye is still burning! The ideas and theories everyone was coming up with to see it was such a crack up!! 
Hello Eclipse lighting and Hello beautiful sister Sandy.
Once we were done burning our eyes, we just enjoyed the cool lighting in the backyard from the eclipse. 

Hello fun backyard games. 

hello boyfriend/husband. 
i love lazy weekends spent with him. 
Hello Cafe Rio and hello gorgeous flowers in full bloom! 

Hello Cabana boy. 
Hello Game Night! So fun!! 
Hello Ashley and Jack on Skype. 
My brother and sister in law recently got divorced. I don't know the details, I choose not to. I just know I love the three of them so much and I miss Ashley and Jack like Crazy (they live a few states away now). I love it when we get to skype with them. It's always fun to play peek a boo with Jack and catch up with Ash! 
Hello fun photography job. 
I am friends with the owner of this Denny's and they were having a grand opening, so he hired me to take photos at the event. It was a really event spent with fun people. During the slow times I found myself giving pep talks to the bus boys about how they should go to college and live their dreams. I am such a mom, but sometimes that is all it takes is someone telling you that you can do it! 
Hello cleaning the church. 
Families and individuals take turns helping to clean the church each week. On Friday we turned it into a family fun night. We cleaned the church and then went out for frozen yogurt after... 
hello tutti fruiti 
Hello flat tire. Hello to dropping the girls off and then coming back to see that I had a flat tire! Hello to the nicest man who totally helped me fill it up at the gas station.  

Hello Salmon burgers from Trader Joes.
This weekend we grilled some Salmon burgers and boy oh boy were they delicious!

Hello sweet little feet. 
I am always used to putting on Katie's shoes over her braces. But we are waiting for her new braces to be done (the old ones are too small and cause bruises). She hardly ever wears shoes like this, but when she does it melts me.
 I love her sweet little feet so much. 
Yesterday when I put her little shoes on I kept tapping her foot as if to say "put your foot in..." (like I do when I help Carter put his shoes on)! I did that both times by habit, forgetting that she can not feel my taps. Her feet are fully paralyzed. 
We had a good laugh about it. I love that she can laugh with me. 
As I put her shoes on and then lifted my almost nine year old up and carried her to the car, I had such a special feeling wash over me. Like a blanket of love as if to say this role of mine is such an honor. To give this type of service each day can be so tiring and often not feel like service. But then a special feeling like that will come and put things in perspective, as if to remind me once again of the beautiful gift it is to live with a miracle. 

Happy Monday!
Here's to a great new week! 
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  1. I love your maxi dress!! its soo pretty on you. <3 baby Penelope is adorb!!


  2. Hi Penelope,
    I like your pictures and the after Church cleaning party especially.
    I found you on a friend's blog and followed you, great to find another sister.
    God's grace!

  3. Bonjour Sarah! I love your blog:) Katie has the same condition as me! ♥

  4. this is such a sweet post! love the story about Katie's shoes. you are amazing!