Friday, May 11, 2012


Mother's Day Breakfast in Ella's Classroom. Muffins, Juice, poems, songs, precious gifts and so many tears. Sure loved getting to hold and love Ella all morning, just the two of us. It was so sweet and special.
This girl radiates love. She has been given such a special gift of a huge heart. 

This little guy and I took a break from a crazy day to roll down grassy hills 
(more him than me). 

Katie was offered a part on a new pilot show by the creators of Yo Gabba Gabba with Jim Carry as the executive producer. The pilot show is about wheelchairs and Katie got the part for the first show! She has a darling role in which she transforms into an animated character. On Thursday afternoon she was in the recording studio recording her voice. She even had to sing a few little songs. Too cute! 
It was quite a bit of work as she had to do the lines a few times each. She was so cute to try her hardest and do exactly what the producers asked of her. She was a trooper as it took quite a bit of time. But it was a lot of fun and everyone on the show was SO nice and SO fun! We film in Hollywood in two weeks. She will have to take off school and do her school work with a tutor in order to get school credit. I don't know how these real actors do it. It's only a couple of days of work and I am already tired!  But Katie is having a blast and it is a fun experience. We are thrilled that the show is going to share about The Free Wheelchair Mission

At the same time we were recording, there was a Penelope Lane open house going on over here. We learned about the recording after I had already planned the open house. A huge thank you to my mom who came to my rescue. Also a huge thank you to everyone who came by!! 

Our BFF Sally and her husband just got back from a fun trip to Puerto Rico! We met up at Frosted in Belmont Shores to hear all about the fun trip! It sounded so awesome, but we are so happy to have her back! We always miss her when she is off on adventures! 

Pizza topped with Salad from trader joes. 
Easy and yummy dinner. 

Katie and Mary at a Ms. Wheelchair Fundraiser event hosted by La Strada. It's always such a treat to spend time with Mary, she is such a beautiful person and a wonderful role model to Katie. 

It was a busy week and I am looking forward to a calmer weekend full of family time! 

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  1. Such awesome pictures and stories behind them!! You are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, your little is becoming famous!!! What a wonderful opportunity to share such a great cause!