Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello Monday

 Hello Mother's Day.
Hello to sleeping in, breakfast in bed, wonderful church and family dinner. 
Hello to celebrating such a special and humbling name, that of Mother. 
Hello Mother.
She came to our ward at church to hear the kids sing. After the meeting was over we got Mother's Day treats (that we had to crack up over because the young men in the ward were in charge... and my husband, bless his heart over saw the Mother's Day treat project... notice the random hole in the middle of the quote where the ribbon was suppose to go through but our quotes were taped on. bless their non crafty hearts. We got a good laugh)! 
Hello melt my heart. 

Hello to TWO date nights in a row. On Friday B and I went out just the two of us to dinner and then a romantic night of grocery shopping and then Saturday we met up with this fun group for Thai food (our new favorite). We love Thai on Main in Seal Beach, it is so yummy! 
Hello a Day at the Bay. Hello to LOVING that Summer is almost here! Hello to pregnito Sally that we are SO excited about her baby girl coming soon! 
Hello fun dad. 
Katie loves getting run up and down the bay on the boogie board! 

Hello Sushi lunch date with my little boyfriend. He loves using chopsticks and I love sushi, so it was a perfect date. 

Hello mommy and me date with this cute girl. We went and got a chocolate chip non coffee drink and then got our nails done. We had a great afternoon holding hands, chatting and laughing. 

Hello Spontaneous Monday morning trip to Disneyland. 

good-bye purple/butterfly leg braces and hello to new pink/heart braces being made this week! hello to braving getting her legs casted and having the cast cut off with a loud saw once again. 
Hello my hero, Katie the super trooper. 

Hello to a new {busy} week.
Hello a full week of adaptive golfing, jog-a-thon, bladder ultrasounds and testing (katie), photo shoot, chess club, art class, sewing class, temple night, to pizza/pool party and hello to the count down until school gets out in one month from today!

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  1. Oh goodness that last picture of your sweet Katie. So brave.
    Sounds like a really good, well deserved weekend!

    also, you are beautiful!

  2. I love how you capture such great life moments on camera and in words...what a gift you have!!

  3. I love your Monday posts....I think they are MY FAVORITES! :)

  4. wow! you're a busy girl! you have a beautiful family. and i love that katie is SO brave!!!

  5. Hi :) what a cute family. We live in the same area. I recognized Thai on Main :) happy to have found your blog.