Friday, April 20, 2012

Insta Friday

attempting french braids. 
I can do pony tails and clips but when it comes to anything else, heaven help me.  
 I told Katie that I tried but it did not look very good and she didn't care, she wore her hair to school like this! bless her heart. 
Carter has a little Primary Crush. He sat like this for 10 minutes and then turned around and said "you're so pretty!"
 Take it easy Rico Suave!!!
  We've been celebrating birthdays for three weeks straight and we still have one more to go! On Sunday we had a little combined family Birthday party for Ella and Carter who have birthdays ten days apart. 
My babies are getting so big! 

a spontaneous morning trip to Disneyland with my little guy.

an afternoon trip to the hospital for an apt. for Katie. (note to self: never think you can take all three for a "quick visit" ever again). 

 Ella's Birthday party with friends.
she wanted a girls day out party so we did nails, movie and lunch at Islands (in the rain)!

 Celebrity Grand Prix (above Adrian Brody, below Brody Jenner)
 a million more pictures and details here

Carter's friend Birthday party at Chick fil a (did you know they do Birthday parties? So easy and so fun)! 

 Katie was invited on Tuesday night to meet the Mayor and speak to the city council about her role as Jr. Miss Wheelchair of California and how she helps to raise awareness and help other children who use wheelchairs.

My baby on the big screen talking to all these city leaders about did me in! 

This week was a busy but special one . We have some more exciting things coming up, starting with one of my favorite people/college roommate is on her way to my house for the weekend!!! yay for friend reunions!!

p.s. a huge THANK YOU to the girls at Bubba's Basics for writing such a sweet post about Penelope Lane. It was such a special treat to wake up this morning and have it be the first thing I read. Thank you Angela and Stacy! XO

Hope your week was a good one and that your weekend is even better!

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  1. YOU win for the most fabulous week in pictures EVER

  2. theee cutest hair everrr!! and awwwwhhh what a cute kid. ;)

  3. Hey, I'm a new follower of yours and I love the French braid picture! I attempted to teach myself to French braid for the little ones I nanny and it looked just like that! It gets a little better unfortunately for me, not by much! Good luck!

  4. That picture of Carter just makes me laugh. He's absolutely adorable. What a stud!

  5. Carter and his crush, SO adorable!

  6. sarah, i honestly don't know how you do it all!! you stay SOOOO busy but so organized! get it girl!!

  7. You must have been so proud at that city council meeting...amazing! Visiting from Instafriday.