Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Monday! Hello to life rolling on

Hello to our Katie's first time surfing with "Life Rolls On-They Will Surf again" foundation. 
They came to Huntington Beach on Saturday and there are no words for how incredible a day it was. The volunteers were amazing! They brought smiles (and happy tears) to so many faces on Saturday! 
Katie's first ride was with an awesome guy named Cory. Cory has crazy awesome energy and such a love for this foundation. He was so excited that Bryant was a surfer and could not wait to teach Bryant the ropes of adaptive surfing. He was such a good teacher that on round two this is what happened.... 

Hello daddy surfing with his little surfer girl. 
hello dream come true. 
hello SO many tears. 
Hello pro surfer Leila Hurst 
  Hello Jason Lewis
(Cory introduced me to Jason explaining that we both went to the same high school. Go Griffins! We chatted for a second and I thanked him for being one of the volunteers. But, when he walked away, my friend hit me on the shoulder freaking out "that is jason lewis!!!" I had no clue that he was a celebrity. He was just there as one of the volunteers).
such a nice with caring heart 

Hello Amazing memories and a very excited Katie
 (who can't wait to go surfing again)
Hello April! 
One of my favorite friends who I have not seen in over four years! Hello to a fun reunion this weekend and hello to her moving (from AZ.) here soon! 
 Hello Earth Day Ella! 
 Ella has been planning out what she was going to do to celebrate Earth Day all week long! So after church she put her plan into action! She got her "Earth Day" outfit together and went into the backyard to get to work! First she watered the grapes and the orange tree and flowers. After she watered, it was time to plant. She planted some peas into little containers. She took her time to make sure it was just right! When she was done planting the two of us went on a walk around the block. As we walked she tried to talk me into getting her a pet because "all of the animals are going to be extinct" if we don't save them! This girl melts my heart! So grateful for her love of nature and her excitement of celebrating Earth Day!
Hello baby steps onto an airplane on Wednesday 
("What about Bob" anyone)?
Hello facing fears. 
Hello counting the days until Women's Conference at BYU in Utah!!
Hello to a new and exciting week! 
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  1. Wow, those are some amazing photos of your daughter's experience. Isn't God good? He surpasses our thoughts and expectations, even in the midst of struggle and pain. Have a lovely week!

  2. YAY for Katie surfing!!! She looks super happy in all the pics! Baby steps... I always say that too!!!

  3. Hello tears....friend tears seeing a picture of Bryant surfing with Katie. I mean I want one of those pictures. My heart is full with that one picture. I love you. K bye

  4. eeek!! i hope your baby stepping to the airplane, baby stepping to your seat, baby stepping to your next destination helped ;) i LOVE what about bob!!

  5. I LOVE the story about your Katie awesome!! It looks like she was having a blast!
    Hope your plane ride was a success!!