Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Sew Funky Market in Riverside all day Saturday!
 Hello funnest vendors and awesome show!!

Hello college roommate, Marci, from FIFTEEN years ago! 
Saturday morning I posted about being in a boutique in Riverside. I said "if you are in the area stop by." Towards the end of the boutique I was re-organizing my bows when all of a sudden I hear a familiar voice say "I was in the area, so i thought I'd stop by!" I looked up to see my dear friend, Marci! I have not seen her in YEARS! I screamed and cried!  Fifteen years ago we were Ricks College Roommates for two years but now we live in different states. She and her family were on their way to vacation in San Diego for spring break!! I could not believe she came and surprised me! We hugged and cried and laughed and cried some more! SUCH a fun treat!!
 Hello Friday night bow party at darling Janine's house! 
 This is Janine's FIFTH bow party! She invites all her friends over, I bring my bows and friends mingle and shop and at the end of the night Janine earned 10% of what the party earned in free hair accessories! Janine had so many friends come that she earned a whole bag full of hair goodies! 
 Hello Spring sightings in my backyard. 
Hello little mommy dove guarding her babies. 
 Hello gorgeous blue skies and bright spring flowers.
 Hello General Conference weekend. Two times a year we stay home and watch church via cable. It is awesome, inspirational and wonderful. Staying in our PJ's all day while being uplifted and while brother bear plays toys on my legs=priceless. 
I LOVE conference weekend. 
so much. 
Hello new trampoline.
Hello showing my children how it's done. 
Hello advil. 

Hello darling husband helping me cook up a yummy meal. 

 Hello Sew Funky Finds!
hello cute pouch from edeenut
I love these little rosette clips from Little Bird 
Hello darling peg dolls from Bubba's basics 
 Hello Easter outfits for all three kids from Little Wellies 
Hello USA map from Earth Cookie Creations 

Hello cute headbands and clip from Lillybug lane

 Hello darling clutch and pin from Marine Parents
I spent so much time at this shop trying to decide on what to get. I loved it all. 
Hello fun planner from Sahnda Marie

Hello early morning Orthopedics apt. at the hospital where we ran into my brother who works there! 

and Goodbye to my on-line shop for a little while. 
I need to catch my breath.
I need to slllooooowww down and closing my shop was the first step. 
I will still do facebook and blog sales from time to time, but I needed to let something go and that was it. 

Hello to a new, slower week counting down the days until spring break next week.

Did you have a good weekend and are you looking forward to something special this week? I hope so!


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  1. SO much fun! I'm so sad that I didn't make it to Sew Funky. Looks like you got some really awesome goodies! How's Katie's pain? Hope it's subsided some.

  2. good for you for closing -- i know from our conversation on saturday you needed it :] i hope you get all your energy back, dear!!

    ps -- so YOU were the one who took the hot pink rosette clip from little bird ;) hehe! i just ordered one online since i was a late shopper!

  3. SO..I just read your about page, and I am in love with you and your precious little family. I found your blog from Megan's (And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson), and now I'm your newest follower. :)

    I love all the awesome goodies your recently got! That planner from Sahnda Marie is adorable, and those rosette clippies are so cute!! I don't have any kids (yet!), but I would love to put those on my little girls!


  4. Hello to all of your cutie finds from the market. I'm so jealous. How 'bout we do one of those in NC ;)