Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The littles on Easter 
Thank you Little Wellies for the matching outfits!
 I love that she is making bigger sizes now and can't wait for her Fourth of July outfits coming up soon! 

On Saturday the kids planted magical Easter Seeds (candy eggs) and in the morning their seeds had grown into...
Easter suckers! 
They were through the moon with excitements! 
I swear the magic of the holidays with little ones is SO fun! I eat it up!
 We had a blast coloring and decorating Easter Eggs too!

Easter is so meaningful to us as we remember the Atonement, sacrifice and Resurrection of our Savior. We know it is through Him that we can one day return to Him and have a perfect body. I know that one day I will see my sweet Katie running and jumping. I know that one day she will have that opportunity. But for now, we can rejoice in sweet moments like these, as she got her balance and stood on her own (with daddy right to the side of her to catch her if she falls)!   
We also rejoice in this sweet sisterhood. 
We knew after we had Katie that Katie needed a sister to go through this life with and 13 months after Katie was born, I was pregnant with Ella. Not only is she a sweet sister to Katie, but Carter too. She is  filled to the rim with kindness and has the biggest heart. She is always asking to donate money to the homeless, to children with Cancer and others that need help. 
She is such a blessing in our lives. 
Bless their hearts, right after this picture was taken, Katie lost her balance and Ella had a hard time catching her, but she tried and because she tried, Katie's fall was not too bad and there were no tears. Sweet Ella felt so bad that she could not catch her in time. It broke my heart. 
These two are quite the team! Katie helps Ella so much with her reading and school work and Ella helps Katie so much with physical things. so sweet!
and then there is this little guy.
Who keeps ALL of us on our toes and melts me into a thousand pieces every day. 
I could eat him up!

Hope you all had a beautiful Easter! 


  1. Your kids are so beautiful and I love their matching outfits! (I wonder if they have Katie's cardi in my size!!!Lol)
    Have a great week Sarah :)

  2. Cute pictures! I love the matching outfits.

  3. Your kids are beautiful. Glad you all had a great Easter.

  4. Oh good gravy those outfits are cute!!