Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Penelope Lane Parties

Little Penelope Lane parties are so much fun! They are so easy to throw as you just provide a table and some friends and then earn 10% of the party sales in LPL products for yourself! They are such casual parties. No presentation, just lots of headbands, bows and fun! You can make it a fun Girls Night Out or a simple open house. Either way it"s super fun!
It's fun to have the headbands in your home to try on and see which ones you really love.
Headband prices range from $2-$14. I have lots of headbands under $5!
At a party last week a lady showed up and thought she was just going to let her daughter try on headbands and buy her a few. Her friends encouraged her to try some on herself and she loved them! She said "I would have never thought I could wear a headband like this until I tried it on!" She walked out with about 8 new headbands for herself!
If you are interested in hosting a party email me (sarah) at
I am located in the North Orange County/Long Beach area but am willing to travel to areas around Southern California.


  1. I loved my Little Penelope Lane party and would encourage everyone to have one! It was such a fun party and like Sarah said really easy:-)

  2. Thanks Marley! You were such a wonderful host and it was So great to meet all your family and friends! What a treat!