Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Ice Skating with all three littles 
(who for the record don't know how to ice skate) 
at the Queen Mary's Ice Kingdom! Hello that they had these cute little ice seals that kids could sit in or hold on to while they got more comfortable with the ice! HELLO, these were so perfect for Katie. I could slide her all over the ice in it and she screamed and laughed and loved every second of it! As the night went on Ella got the hang of ice skating and Carter almost did!  Bryant was on the side lines cheering us on, taking pictures and there to help get the kids on and off the ice! Such a fun night with the kids.

Hello to a fun afternoon at Disneyland

Hello to Disneyland all decked out for the Holidays

Hello to getting my hair done by the beautiful Megan at George Oliveri Salon 
in preparation for Family pictures!
Hello to SO much laughter that the salon does not know what to do with us! 
Hello rain that came right after we were done taking our family pictures! Hello Miracle! 

Hello Turkey Trot 5K with my sister and Mom

Hello Date night! 
Hello Dinner and a Movie (Chasing Mavericks... SO GOOD)

Hello Decking the Halls 
Loved decorating for Christmas this year, even though the decorations are placed in super funny locations, the kids had a blast helping and slowly I'll make some adjustments, but for now it's darling!  

HELLO to five more days until the

Happy Monday Friends!

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