Saturday, June 9, 2012

Insta Friday {a day late}

We got all of our bikes tuned up and fixed and went on our first Summer bike ride! 

Target 70% clearance rack Summer clothes all under $30!

On Tuesday night Bryant and I gave a little talk to a group at church on "Nurturing your eternal Marriage." I enjoy speaking, but Bryant said "If we have to give this talk one more time, we're going to start having marriage problems!!" I died laughing. 
He is such a good sport as we have given this talk (or one similar) a couple of times in the last few months. But this one is officially the last for a while, to help save my marriage! ;)

After we spoke, we went out for some Thai food. This was our fortune. 
We got a good laugh. 

The girls and I had a Girls Afternoon Out where we went to the book store and got some new books to read for the Summer! 

The girls enjoying their new Creme de la Gems necklaces! 

Breakfast meeting with the amazing Jennifer Kumiyama
For years I had seen Jennifer at Disneyland as a performer but also in a wheelchair. We were so excited when we found out that Jennifer also is the President of the Ms. Wheelchair foundation. It is such an honor to not only be helping her with the foundation but also to be able to call her Friend. She is such a blessing in our life and such an amazing example to my Katie. 

Carter finished up his first year of pre-school with the wonderful Mrs. Tami! 

To celebrate we headed down to the Marina and check out the boats and explored the dock.

We met up for Lunch with Aunt Sandy, Uncle Steve and Grandma Nancy (too bad we did not get a group shot). 

After lunch Carter wanted to go out on the Kayak...

So Aunt Sandy took him out. 

Ella all ready for Pajama/Reading day at school. She got an award for passing off all her words and books and was rewarded at a root beer float party! 

trying on the skirt/dress from Fresh Produce

I had four photo sessions this week in Seal Beach. Such cute kids and families in such a fun location. I had put photography on hold for a while, but it's fun to be back, but at a slower pace. 

Special Olympic torch run to start off the Summer Games this weekend!!

Class field trip to CPK to celebrate passing off their division

Each child got to make their own pizza! It was so much fun!

Field Trip Moms with Katie's awesome teacher and fellow third grade mom (in the red)! CPK even gave the moms free pizza and soda! What! So awesome! 

It was a fun and busy week captured on the camera phone!

p.s. We are still accepting applications (until Monday) for the Special "Craft for a Cause" Summer boutique on July 21st at the Long Beach Hyatt. For more info click here. Come join in on the fun!
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  1. Great pictures! And now I want pizza.. LOL

  2. ALL that for $30!?!??! woah. lucky duck!! and you all look so cute on your bikes(: such a cuutteee family!!


  3. Looks like a lot of fun has been had as of late in your beautiful family. I am jealous about the bike rides, I need a new bike desperately this summer! Keep having fun : )

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  4. looks like you found some FANTASTIC deals at target!! awesome! found you via the wiegands link up! lovely, lovely blog. excited to follow along! xo