Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 things

I found this list of  "100 things you never cared to know about me" that I wrote back in 2008. 

I just reviewed it and a handful of things cracked me up as a lot of my favorites have changed in the last four years. I just updated it a little and thought I would share because I think these kind of things are fun when I come across them on other blogs. 

1. I love to be around people... but I also love to be alone.
2. I can be found at a restaurant eating by myself "table for one please." I love it.
3. I once played a stepsister in the play Cinderella. It was so much fun.
4. My favorite scripture is Matthew 5:16.. "Let your light so shine before men..."
5.The diamond in my wedding ring was passed down from my great-great grandma Ella, to my great-grandma, to my grandma, to my mom and then to me.
6.I can pogo stick with no hands-- pure talent.
7. key lime pie is my favorite dessert
8. I don't love chocolate... especially warm chocolate like fresh baked cookies make me feel sick.. give them a few hours and then I can eat them.
9. I would rather have a beverage than a dessert.
10. I drink way too much diet coke.
11. I have a hidden toe on my left foot. fourth toe. it bends under the rest and "hides". It's totally hereditary as most of my family members have it too! Like generations of hidden fourth toe. same foot. same toe. crazy!
12. I am not a night person.
13. I am the first one asleep at slumber parties.
14. I have had a crush on my husband since I was 19
15. Last time I went camping I tossed the tent in the trash the next morning and declared my camping days were over. However, we have four camping dates on the calendar this summer! 
16. When my brother Scott was born, I got to pick out a "big sister present". I chose red roller skates... they didn't have my size, so I got about 3 sizes bigger.
17. I wore them to the hospital to see him for the first time.
18. I still remember being picked up (roller skates and all) to look at him through the window of the nursery.
19. That was the same hospital where he was treated for cancer 14 years later.
20. I believe in miracles.
21. I love learning about different cultures... especially regarding their family life.
21. My major in college was Family and Human Development
22. With a minor in psychology
23. One day I would love to be really involved with helping new moms who have just learned they are going to have a baby with "special needs"
24. I find strength in other women and mothers. They inspire me.
25. I freak out in elevators. like I don't breath until the doors open.
26. I feel blessed to be surrounded by hard workers.
27. I pray that my children will feel the same way about me as I feel about my mom.
28. I love the sound of a stream
29. I can't swim. I can survive, but it's basically doggy paddling. (this drives Bryant crazy..especially because I come from a family of swimmers)!
30. I had lazier eye surgery.
31. I was the ONE in One thousand that had complications.
32. The next day after surgery I was on the operating table having another eye surgery... after lots of medicine, dr. visits and rest I was fine and now I am happy I had it. I love being glasses and contact free.
33. I really love having two daughters.
34. I am smitten with my son.
35. I wish I could sing...
36... or play the piano..
37. I rock out to Beastie Boys when they come on the radio (when I dont have my kids in the car)
38. I have some mean hula hoop skills.
39. I really like my husband. I love him a lot too. He is my dream guy.
40. I love going on new adventures with my little family.
41. My favorite color is blue... like the ocean blue.
42. I have a gift of talking my way out of parking tickets (usually)
43. I have some awesome schmoozing skills.
44. I appreciate a good spa pedicure
45. I love sushi 
46. with extra ginger
47. my favorite movie growing up was "The Parent Trap" (not the one with Lindsey Lohan, the original one).
48. My dream car is a range rover
49. I am not an animal lover.... at all.
50. I love plastic storage bins
51. I love to be organized but always feel like I am not
52. I am learning to love life without a uterus 
53. I used to teach scrap booking classes and loved it!
54. I basically wear flip flops everyday. except to church.
55. I am inspired by marathon runners.
56. I ran my first 5k in November 
57. my grandpa was a WWII fighter pilot and is one of my greatest heroes 
58. His airplane hung in the Smithsonian for years
59. I miss my grandpa SO much as he will have been gone a year this May. 
60. I love traditions
61.  I miss being a kid
62. I loved high school and loved college even more
63. I have learned not to worry about the "what if's in life"
64. I hope to one day serve a mission with Bryant for our church.
65. I am grateful for prayer.
66. My favorite church calling is Relief Society teacher
67. I enjoy public speaking
68. When that new FUN song comes on the radio my little family all sings to it "We are Young... so lets set the world on FIRE..." then we have it stuck in our head for days and the kids renditions of it crack me up! 
69. I look like an alien when I wear ear rings
70. I love to people watch
71. I have been in a car accident where we rolled up side down.
72. I put my seat belt on seconds before it happened (just had a feeling that I needed to).
73. I met President Monson at a restaurant in Rexburg (when I was attending Ricks College)
74. When Bryant and I were just friends I wrote in my journal "I would love to marry someone like Bryant Hull"
75. I get teary eyed a lot. 
 76. I am a terrible baker. I can't even bake a cake from a box.
77. I just put my photo business on hold after 2.5 years.
78. I miss going to church dances on the weekends
79. I am grateful my husband thinks I am funny. Like last weekend I had him cracking up and then I got to laughing so hard I started choking and coughing... that kind of laughing.
80. I love to play pranks on people, mostly my husband.
81. One time I scared bryant to death pretending to be a possum.
82. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach!
83. I grind my teeth at night...
84. I've broken teeth from it before.
85. I love pillow talk. Bryant and I often get to laughing about the silliest things right before we go to sleep.
86. I love a good ol' fashion BBQ
87. Fourth of July is my favorite Holiday
88. I have been to Maui 3 times...
89. But don't know if I will ever get back there because of my  fear of flying
90. I am blessed with wonderful friends.
91. I am LOVING the age my kids are at right now (8,7,4).
92. My kids are really good sleepers. 
93. I love to be spontaneous... I love to just pick up and go and do something fun
94. Sometimes I feel anxiety because it's hard to do that with three kids and a wheelchair all by myself.
95. I loved Nicholas sparks books and have read almost all of them
96. I like talking to strangers 
97. My senior year of college I invited a bunch of friends (from Utah State University) to come to my house in CA. for spring break. I did not think they would all come, but about 30 friends ended up coming and it was crazy fun (my poor parents)!
98. I was engaged to someone else before dating Bryant and called it off five weeks before the wedding! 
99. Every day I am thankful for Bryant. 
100. and our three littles. 


  1. I. LOVE. YOU. And every single thing on this list. The end.

  2. Thank you for #27. Love you! And love your list! Blue is my favorite color too....and the beach, and watching people, etc!!!!