Thursday, February 2, 2012

diet coke date

I sure love the "coffee dates" that I read on others blogs. They are so uplifting, intimate and real. Recently, this blog has started to become my little guilty pleasure. A place for me to just have fun with.

For five years I have been blogging on my family blog. I have loved it, continue to love it and have loved the doors it has opened. I love looking back on our adventures, our joys and even our heartaches because we have learned and grown so much from them.

This blog, however, for the past two years has always been a place to post about upcoming boutiques, events, or whats new in my shop. But, this year I wanted to mix it up and dive more into this creative world and also get to know other creative bloggers that I have so much fun with. So I am spending a little more energy and time over here and really loving it.

So, on to our diet coke date....

I don't drink coffee but I sure drink diet coke (a little too much) and if I have a few limes handy, I throw those in for fun. Are you a diet coke fan?

If you came over for a diet coke you would walk into my front room and see a large mirror leaned up against the wall. I would tell you that I heard a large crash last week and ran to the living room to see that the mirror had fallen off the wall and had broken a few decorations that were under it. I would tell you how grateful I felt that none of the kids were playing near that area because they would have been seriously hurt. I would tell you how much I love my children and how that is one of my fears, them being hurt or scared and how I want them to have a magical childhood free of worry and pain.

I would ask about your children and what your hopes and dreams for them are.

I would ask about your favorite family traditions and what your plans are to celebrate Valentines day. I would tell you about how last Valentines Day my husband sent me flowers and my daughters and I gushed over them all day. I would tell you how I pray that my daughters end up with someone like my husband and then I would get mushy and probably cry as I tell you how much I love that man.
I would tell you that he wakes up early every morning and lets me sleep in 15 minutes longer as he starts the process of getting Katie ready for school. I would share with you how she can not feel her feet, so she needs help getting her leg braces on and how she has to be cathed every four hours every day and how grateful I am for a helping husband. I would share with you some of the miracles and answers to prayers we have received and how much peace the Lord has given us.

I would tell you how sweet Ella has started to make little bows and has worked so hard on them. I would tell you how I invited her to come with me to the Valentines Boutique on Friday and told her she can sell her bows there! She was so excited and last night came up with a display. I would tell you how Ella often makes me cards and wraps up presents for everyone in the family and then calls a family meeting to give the presents away.
I would tell you how fun it is to have two little girls that are growing up with a love of creating. I would tell you how Katie has made a goal to sew 25 new things this year at sewing class and how cute I think that is.

I would tell you that Carter rocks my world every day with all things BOY and how he keeps me on my toes but melts my heart all day long. I would tell you how we rocked out to "Let's Hear it for the Boy" on the way to school this morning and how the Footloose soundtrack was my favorite growing up.

I would ask you about your childhood and where you grew up and if you put the Footloose cassette tape in your stereo (whoa, words from the past) and danced around too.

As we finished the last of our diet coke, I would hope that I did not talk your ear off and that I had asked enough about you and how you were feeling this day. I would hope that we could gather again soon for another chat over our favorite beverage of choice.



  1. I, too, rocked out to Let's Hear it for the Boy this morning in my car. I cannot, absolutely CANNOT listen to that song without belting it out super loud and dancing in my seat. Oh, how I wish I had a Diet Coke right now!

  2. Mu hubby lets me sleep in the morning too, bless them! Love how she wants to sew and is creative just like mommy!

  3. Can I drink coffee while you enjoy your diet coke? :) I love this post. So sweet. Your girls are both GORGEOUS!! Beautiful & blonde like their mama. How awesome too that they both have such a love for being creative! Wonder where they get that from? ;)
    Aren't boys great? I love my little man too, melts my heart!

  4. You are so rad. If I still lived there, I'd be over in a jiffy with some diet coke!

  5. Awww... your blog is so cute. I discovered you through the Rags to Stitches blog. I read that you married your college sweetheart and have been married 10 years. My husband and I have also just celebrated our ten year anniversary. It's so rare to find people our age who have been married so long... so I just wanted to stop by and say hi! Your girls are gorgeous and I adore your blog. I'm a new follower.

    Oh, and I love your "Diet Coke" date. What a cute idea and an adorable post!

  6. Sarah, you make me smile and I'm so glad our paths crossed. You are a sensational mother and I admire your strength and love for life. Your energy is contagious and I love how open you are. This post made me smile =)