Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Lovin' ~ Favorite Things

I LOVE SUMMER and everything that comes a long with it!
Here is a little list of my 2011 Favorite Things ~Summer Edition 
Homemade Fresh Fruit Popsicles 
These are so fun and so easy!!
Local Farmers Market every Wednesday 
which is especially great to make this
and This 
(two of my summer favorites)
Smoky Guacamole recipe found here
while we're still on favorite summer food topic... these Salmon Burgers from Costco are Scrumptious! 
A few weeks ago I picked these homemade soaps up at a boutique. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THEM! They are so Summer Fresh smelling. I wished I picked up more... but then found her card and saw that I can order online. hooray! Wisayla soaps and lotions found here
I am also loving the lip balm as well! 
TJ's Shaving Cream is always on my Favorite Things list. I love their shaving cream! 
Once my legs are shaved then it's time for some "Natural Glow" (since my natural glowing white legs are a little too white for the Summer, this stuff is my go-to)!
I am also loving this new spray sun screen from TJ. It feels less greasy than the other spray sunscreens I have used in the past. We are going through sunscreen like we go through milk over here! 

sandy toes and popsicles
LOVE THIS BLOG! I have been following it for the past two summers and Jill not only gives a great weekly list of fun things to do, but also shares great recipes and cute craft ideas too! 

We love a good after-Summer-activity-milk-shake every so often. A fun Summer Treat! 
This summer I am loving the "Jack Johnson" station on Pandora. Perfect station to listen to during the afternoon of Summer activities drop-offs and pick up's.  

during the Summer my hair is almost always in a messy bun... so I am loving grabbing a hair wrap to dress up the mess! 

To Celebrate Summer Favorite Things my Favorite Hair wraps are on sale here

And my Ultimate Favorite Summer thing is spending the day at the Beach with these three! I LOVE lazy days at the beach playing in the sand and the surf. I loved it as a kid and I love it as a mom!

What are some of your Summer Favorites? 
Let me know for a chance to win a Summer Hair Wrap!
You get to pick your FAVORITE!! 

how to win: 
1.leave a comment telling me about your favorite summer things.

2. follow this blog (or tell me you are already a follower)

3. become a fan on facebook or tell me you are already a follwer

4. share on blog/fb/twitter (each one would be a separate entry)

I will pick TWO lucky winners on Friday morning


  1. a bountiful garden harvest that feeds us now through winter, lazy days at the pool and late summer nights on the porch with my hubby listening to the frogs croaking on the lake :)

  2. Cute post! My favorite summer thing is courtesy of Kacey who introduced me to Sally Hansen's Leg Make-Up. Spray it on for an instant tan and wash it right off in the shower. It works wonders!! Try it.

  3. I'm fan on FB, too! Crossing my fingers.

  4. I love beach days at Little Corona, Yogurtland and relaxing at the pool with the kiddos.

  5. My favorite summer things include Cherry SoftLips, Grape Pop-Ice, Floating in the pool, and my baby bump I have this summer. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Following your blog via gfc.

  7. Following your blog on Facebook (Amy H).

  8. favorite summer thing...family pool parties at my mom;s!!! oh, and going to CA to visit my SB family! :)
    I'm a follower

  9. I'm obsessed with the hair wraps you gave me and need a million more.
    i'm a fan on fb

  10. I'm totally posting this on fb. but i don't want anyone else to enter...it will lessen my chances of winning.

  11. I'm a FB friend and blog follower.

    My favorite summer activity when I was younger was school shopping with my mom.
    Now that Izzy will be starting kindergarten this year I'm excited to start our own shopping trips, create wonderful memories and build our own traditions.

  12. A regatta for the kids sounds like so much fun! Check it out: http://www.gutterhelmet.com/blog/how-to-win-your-next-rain-gutter-regatta/ Who knew you could have so much fun with gutters? Check out http://www.gutterhelmet.com/ for more.

  13. I love A/C in the summer!!!:) And the pool! If I win send it to
    Leigh and Andy with her awesome comment:
    "I'm totally posting this on fb. but i don't want anyone else to enter...it will lessen my chances of winning."
    Silly girl:)

  14. Watermelon and corn on the cob on a warm summer night:-)

  15. Popsicles and relaxing in the pool are two of my favorite summer things!

  16. I sent a tweet out about your giveaway!

  17. A few of my favs are swimming pools, mexican food (all year favorite), and summer nights (perfect weather).

  18. I'm a facebook follower of course :)

  19. My favorite things for summer....

    Fresh Homemade Starwberry Lemonade... I am officially addicted now!

    Water fun (swim, surf and now even scuba! My kids LOVE the water, and I love watching them in the water!)

    Lazy mornings... NONE of my household are morning people, so school mornings are stressful for us!

    And my ALL time favorite summer thing... Project Surf Camp!!!!

  20. I am a facebook follower.....

  21. And I shared on FB... but I am not sure why.. It makes my chance of winning smaller! :-)

  22. My fav summer things are trips to the local Yogurt Mill, $1 summer toys at Target, coral and teal nail polishes, my roxy swimsuit and sweet corn on the cob :)


  23. Love this post...and I love summer! Some of my faves include running through the sprinkler, painting my toes fun summer shades, freckles, reading a good book on my front porch...I could go on forever :) Thanks so much!!

  24. My favorite summer things are beach days, pool days, walks to the park with all 4 kids, less laundry, and grilling out!

  25. randomly chosen through random.org

    #8~ Mormishmom @ Funky PolkaDot Giraffe



    Congrats you two!!!