Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Fancy Penny Headbands

Here is an entire line of new designs and I only have one of each. These headbands fit both children and adults and are very comfortable and flexible. If you would like to place an order email me at please include the name and number of the headband. I will then send you an invoice back to pay through google checkout. Thanks!

#1 brown and gold $10
#2 silver and blue $10
#3 sliver and white $10
#4 black and white $10
#5 gold and gold $10
#6 brown and blue $10
#7 black and white with gold $10
#8 gold and gold with brown button center $10
#9 brown and pink $10


  1. SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are adorable!!!!! Has anyone bought these yet?? I want #9 please!!! I will stop by and pay for it tomorrow if you want. (if nobody else has bought it)

  2. Will you have these at your boutique next month??