Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Custom Order

I just finished these headbands for an upcoming wedding. The bridesmaids are going to wear these....
I had so much fun making these a little fancier. I am in the process of making more.


  1. Sarah, these are gorg!

    I've been meaning to place an order but you're always coming out with new stuff and I cant ever decide! (that sounded kind of mean but its totally not a bad thing!)

    I'll be emailing you soon! how do i specify what i want?

  2. I LOVE THESE!!!!!! I'm definitely coming to the open house on the 7th because I LOVE these headbands and want some for me and my daughter!!!!

  3. My Daughter is getting married in 7 weeks and Your headbands would be perfect for our 4 brides maids and flower girl. I'm also looking to put a big flower on the bridesmaid's waist bands. Please contact me !!??? utahkimr@yahoo.com