Friday, February 26, 2010

Little Penelope Party

Last night I had a mini launch party for Little Penelope Lane bows & headbands. It ended up being a ton of fun! A huge thank you to those that came! Some of the girls booked bow parties and left with a free headband for booking that night! I am really looking forward to those. If you host a party, not only is it a fun girls night out, you earn free products for hosting! It's a win/win!
all the cute girls with their new headbands!

If you are interested in hosting a Party email me for further details!


  1. this is serious stuff. great business ideas. I think all the bows are adorable.

  2. Thanks again for inviting me! I have worn one every day since the party. Love them! :)

  3. Seriously...SO CUTE, you are outta control!!! So sad I couldn't make it. I blame the gsc!