Wednesday, February 20, 2013


The other day I cleaned out my jean drawer. 
I swear, I had jeans I did not even know I had. 
Jeans that I questioned if they were ever in style. 
Pre-baby, post baby and even a few maternity jeans still in the mix (I thought I got rid of all of those)!
By the time I was done, my drawer was almost empty...
which only meant one thing...
It was time to go shopping!!
And off I went on a mini shopping spree to TJ Maxx where I can get so much more for my money. It was there that I found this above outfit. 
Pink Jeans $19.99
Top: $12.99
A mom friendly, super comfortable, fun outfit. 

 I also found some swimming suits and cover ups! I always go Summer shopping too late in the season (like when it's actually Summer) and all the good finds are gone. So, I am on the hunt now for some new Summer clothes. Since I have lost weight, swim suit shopping has actually been a little more fun, for the first time in YEARS! 
All of these (slimming) suits were over $100 originally, but the TJ Maxx price ranged from $19.99-$34.99
I fell in love with this blue "Guess" dress, but did not end up getting it. I even went back a second time to think about it, but I had to be realistic. It is not "pick up the wheelchair and put it in the back of the van" friendly. If only it was a few inches longer, it would have been perfect!  That is how I judge my clothes these days. 
This "Free People" dress, originally $188 was priced for $34.99 and I FELL in love with it! I love the Spanish style cross stitched flowers and the fit was so comfortable. Even though I will probably only use it as a swim suit cover up, I had to have it. I loved it that much (it's really a fun dress in real life, the pictures do not do it justice). 
Thank you TJ Maxx for the fun and great priced items!!

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  1. Look Amazing And I Love All Your FInds

  2. I love me some TJ Maxx! I love your finds!


  3. Hey...hope you tagged TJ MAXXX......and should get the Guess dress it's gorgeous on you...what about pairing it with colored leggings or tights (and keeping it for date night) Just sayin' love you mama