Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIWW Free Wheelchair Mission

Last night we attended the Free Wheelchair Mission Fundraiser at the Hilton in Orange County. I had been so busy with the boutique that this event came up and I only had a small amount of time to hurry and get an outfit. I had a gift card to Marshall's and since it is close to our house, I ran over there real quick and in about 25 minutes came up with this entire outfit. 
Dress: $19.99
Sweater on clearance for $10.00
Nine West shoes: $30.00
Belt $2.99
I met Colie through the Ms. Wheelchair foundation boutique last week and I am so glad I did! On last minutes notice, she came over and did my make up and hair! It was the first time I had ever worn fake eye lashes before and it was so fun. She is the nicest thing and it was a blast to sit and chat with her while she made me look presentable. She works fast and is so good, if you need an awesome make-up artist here is her info.

It was awesome to spend such a beautiful evening with Bryant and Katie. It is always special to spend one on one time with each child and last night gave us that opportunity. 
Katie very much enjoyed her experience and it was neat to see her realize the blessing of the good care that we get in America and how she can get a wheelchair with ease, but that is not the case for  millions of others who need wheelchairs around the world. 
 It was a very humbling night for us.
It was such an honor to meet Don Schoendorfer the founder of the Free Wheelchair mission. We had originally seen him on a show called "Turning Point" that KBYU produced and we were so moved by his story and his vision, we knew we wanted to get involved more. 
Not too soon after watching that show we were contacted to be part of a project that brought light to the "Free Wheelchair Mission" and we were thrilled to be a part of that project (details coming soon). Now we are hooked. We love this mission and hope to get more and more involved in it.
Don is an amazing guy with a beautiful vision that has changed the lives of millions. He is truly an instrument in God's hands.
 We had the beautiful opportunity to meet Fabio a wheelchair recipient from Colombia. He has such a light to him and through an interpreter we were able to have a very sweet conversation before and after the program. His story and his determination had us all in tears. His life was forever changed because of the gift of a wheelchair. One $67.00 wheelchair.

 Stephen Fishwick started off the the program with his amazing art. It was fascinating to watch! The piece was then auctioned off for $10,000!! 
 $63.94 to change someone's life forever. 
To donate click here

It was such a beautiful night to be a part of. One of my favorite parts was seeing so many people from different faiths come together for such a beautiful mission. This is a faith based organization and I love how the program started with a beautiful prayer and they gave much credit to the Lord. It is incredible to see the Lord's hand in this mission as he uses His instruments to bless the lives of His children around the world.

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  1. great night and you all look great. I am impressed by your shopping and love the make up - great colors on you

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