Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fresh Produce skirt/dress

This morning I had an appointment at the Hyatt in Long Beach to discuss the details of the very special "Craft for a Cause" Summer Boutique on July 21st.

 I wore my new "What It Seams Swing Skirt" 

However, because it is so long and flowing I could wear it as a dress, and that I did. 
I love their classy but comfortable clothes, especially from the Clothes for Caribbean line. 
This Summer I plan on living in dresses and skirts like these from the
Simple Skirt and Travel Skirt line. Seriously so comfortable and perfect to dress up or down. 
Here is the same skirt I was wearing as a dress worn as a skirt, taken from the Fresh Produce website. I am looking forward to wearing it all Summer to Church, the Beach, backyard parties,etc. So fun to have a piece of clothing that is so versatile! 
Thanks Fresh Produce! 

Rosette Necklace from "Allora Handmade
(from the Queen Bee Market last weekend), sweater from "Mollie & Mia."
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  1. what a beautiful dress!! and love the coral with it!

  2. i love your blog and the name! my blog is morrison lane... :-) and the outfit is pretty great too, frsh produce is fun and their kids stuff too. i am a new folllower.

  3. Yay, I chose the same skirt!

    But never thought of wearing it as a brilliant!! I love the way you styled the whole outfit. And I love your blog! :) Bri

  4. Gooooorgeous skirt/dress love your style!

  5. So cute! I think you look gorge!