Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIWW~Mother's Day edition

Mother's Day. 
I loved celebrating Motherhood as a Mother and with my own mother and grandmother. 
Such a special day. 
I braved my first short dress of the season. My legs have not seen sun forever and I am a crazy 50+ sunscreen user now, so they will probably stay that white forever and I just have to get used to it (until they invent a spray tan that dries in two minutes and does not!
Dress: Forever old from Forever 21
ohhhhh, I love these babies!
 I was just telling them today how I want to pinch them all day long because I love them so much. They got the giggles and then that made me die even more. You know when you have those euphoric "I could just die of love" moments?  I had a few of those today. 
I wish I could bottle those feelings up for the non-euphoric days.

Last week I ran into Walmart to get some party supplies. Rumor had it that they had some fun maxi dresses there and the rumors were true. So I popped this one into my cart! It was $15! On Saturday I went to a bridal shower and then right after met up with my family and some friends at the beach. 
Thank you very much Walmart party/beach maxi. 

Mother's Day Breakfast with Ella. This photo was taken before the poems and songs resulting in runny mascara and red eyes. I saw this top at Khols the other day in their "Candies" section. I am a sucker for little birds. mint sweater-target. white pants-sears. 
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  1. Such a beautiful family and adorable blog! Following!

  2. Your family is so cute! Love all of your adorable outfits. I am a new follower!

  3. thats the cutest outfit i've ever seen on you. the birds with the mint cardi and the white pants. hottttt stuffff