Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIWW - Fifteen Minute Shopping Spree

I had a busy day on Saturday with two big outings. I wanted a fresh new outfit but had no time to go shopping. However, I found a fifteen minute window last Friday and ran into the closest store by my house in hopes of finding just one item that would work. 
I walked into Sears ...
I sure did. 
and fifteen minutes later walked/ran out with this.

 White pants on Sale from $60 to $24
The coral top was also on sale $20
as well as the aqua necklace $12
sweater Forever 21.

Note: this is my first pair of white pants that I wanted to get six months ago to celebrate my new uterus free life. You better believe I wore those pants without a worry... well, until I dripped salad dressing onto them!
Above: with my friend/cousin Amy {from Cute n Cheap
and my hubs (out celebrating his Birthday. He had just returned from a surf trip and was all tan. I could not stop staring at him all night)!

homemade maxi dress!
Remember this maxi dress tutorial? 
I picked out this {super comfy} fabric {from Joann's} and my friend sewed it up for me. I wore it to church on Sunday and got so many complements that I want to make a bunch more. It was SO comfortable too, I could live in it. I was rushed and did not get a good photo, but I belted the top part to help gather the waste a little more. 

 Evening BBQ with the siblings at my folks house (we all showed up in some shade of red, randomly). 
Skirt: Target (I could live in it) 

What I wish I wore:

Better make-up.
For the longest time I have wanted to get my make up done/ learn how to do my own make up. I never really learned well and have just been winging it for the past twenty years.
I think it's time I learn.
But where do I start? 
Any suggestions of where to get a good makeover?
What make up do you use and do you love it?

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  1. ugh, I feel the same way about makeup! Can someone just teach me please??

  2. I use and LOVE MAC & Bare Minerals. Sephora is a wonderful place to compare multiple brands, get a make over and learn tips & tricks. Also places like Macy's & Dillards usually provide make over serves at their make up counters.

  3. Sarah! I LOVE makeup/skincare! Tell me when you have some time & I will come over. Seriously!! I am all about TEACHING good skin care and then makeup will be minimal. The poster above is right...Sephora is an EXCELLENT place to go. (the employees don't work for any one specific line & therefore are less inclined to push you towards one.)
    I have a book I can loan you so you can figure out your skin type. (there are 16!) You take a written test (more like questionnaire...don't get nervous!!) Seriously...I'm getting excited just thinking about this. Let me know! =)

  4. Love that first outfit; the colors are great! I've got no advice for makeup, as I've worn the same lipstick shade for ummm... 13 years! I like the Clinique counter at Macy's though, as they are always really helpful and you can try things out with samples before committing.

  5. I love the colors in your outfits and your maxi skirt is AWESOME! I want to find that same material and make my own!

  6. love the new outfit! the coral and aqua together is great! i so need to try that combo!

  7. I love that you said "uterus free". hahaha! I own two pairs of white pants and I am always scared to wear them. I am a chronic spiller!

  8. LOVE your quick Sears outfit...those colors are right up my alley these days!

  9. I seriously love the outfit Sarah. Love it. And when you figure out about the makeup, let me know too!