Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIWW~Date Night & Glasses

 Friday night was "hot date night" as we like to call date night. After a sick and busy week, I was excited to go spend a cozy evening with my cute date. The shirt that I am wearing is actually a dress, but I can't pull off the tight short skirt look, so I use it as a top and just bunch up the bottom part.

 I have worn glasses or contacts since I was seven years old. Then got laser eye surgery about six years ago. However, with hormone changes, lots of reading and computer use, I am back to wearing glasses again. Just mostly for reading. I am going in to get new glasses soon and decided I wanted a new look. I saw these fun frames as well as a few others at Forever 21 in the guys section. They were $3.99 so I bought three different pairs just to mix things up sometimes and to help me decide what look I want to get for my real pair soon. I just wish glasses were cool and cute when I was twelve.
The night was chilly, so before we left I put on my jacket (a Christmas gift from my sister) and new scarf on sale for $7 from Payless. 
Before we left. Little guy wanted to be in the picture too.
Sure love my guys! 
on our hot date to Thai food down by the beach.

Saturday~ errands in the rain and mommy/daughter lunch with Ella.
boots: payless, Jeans: Forever 21, top: my sisters, Scarf: forever 21, Sweater: Target Maternity from when I was pregnant four years ago and I still wear it and love it. Sunglasses: target.  
Speaking of Ella. Yesterday was the first grade field trip to the Discovery Science Center. I love going on field trips with the kids! Here we are in the pretend store. It was so cute! 
sweater: Downeast 

I will admit, I spent a lot of time in my yoga/pajama pants this week, but WIWW is really helping me to want to try harder to get a little more put together each day.

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  1. I love how you can make Target/F21/Payless look good!

  2. I think you glasses look GREAT and everything else too! Funny about the "hot date night". My husband always asks if I want to go on a "hot date", so it made me laugh.
    XOXO Ginny

  3. Great date night outfit and I love your jacket and scarf, very cute!

  4. You are so beautiful....inside and out! I <3 you lots and glad you're feeling better! :)

  5. no way was that scarf only $7!!!! i LOVE it :]

  6. love the outfit! and the glasses, too! im currently trying to find a pair of frames because the pollen is driving my eye nutzo and i need a break from contacts. so frustrating.

  7. You look SO cute in glasses! I wish I DID! :)

  8. Eek! Didn't we get Carter that "Georgia Rocks" T-shirt or am I hallucinating?! LOVE! And you, my friend, are too adorable in glasses and a dress-used-as-a-shirt. Very cute. :)

  9. I love those glasses!! I need to get laser eye surgery. I tell my husband that it's my dream to wake up in the morning and be able to see what time it is on the clock!